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  1. Because the high priest, Jesus Christ, had not entered once and for all into the holy of holies and sprinkled His blood on the Mercy seat. Hebrews 10
  2. Traditions have to be taught or modeled in order for a individual to follow them. Mark 7:3, Mark 7:5
  3. I even heard of a group that Skype a service from great church
  4. Marriage is a beautiful picture of the relationship between Christ and His bride the church. God never ever forced anyone to get married. He leaves the choice soley up to you. But God's Word does give us specific guidelines to follow when making the decision to marry or not to marry. I Corinthians 7:27-39
  5. The context of the verses cited here "tradition" is referring to the teaching that God has taught them. In other verses where it refers to the "traditions of men" which is an entirely different context.
  6. Yes, it is very important that we know the truth! Many of the modern and New Age persuasions place their emphasis on man, humanism. The focal point of Christianity is Jesus Christ who is the Truth.
  7. Ask the Lord to guide you as you begin to visit churches in your area.
  8. I Agree! Jewish women were not considered as equal to their husbands but in Christ we are all one with different roles
  9. That's a tough one. Pray for her and ask God that He give you the grace to love her inspire of her behavior.
  10. Yikes! Christ makes a comparison with the wife and the church. Husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church and gave His life for it. Sounds like Christ valued women.
  11. I think we should be careful when we accuse the brethren. I know for a fact that Bob Jones is a mission-minded campus.
  12. Scripture is clear we must Walk in the Spirit. Many new believers have not been discipled in these areas. They hear the preacher talk about it but if they are not vigilant in the Word of God they will be weak anemic and will succomb to temptation. Accepting Christ is not something we just do. It is a daily walk with our Savior and Lord.
  13. Scripture teaches us that it is not good for man to be alone.
  14. what a hope! an option to base thier beliefs on evidence rather than a hypthesis.
  15. This is sad to say the least but what is really sad is that in a country where the gospel is so available that people choose to miss out on the love of a lifetime.
  16. I saw this commercial. It doesn't surprise me because they have gradually adopting some of the protestant ways. They truly believe that they are the original church and that the Bible originated with them because that is what they are taught.
  17. I agree that Kitagirls interpretation is correct because it coincides with the context of the scripture.
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