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  1. Traditions have to be taught or modeled in order for a individual to follow them. Mark 7:3, Mark 7:5
  2. The context of the verses cited here "tradition" is referring to the teaching that God has taught them. In other verses where it refers to the "traditions of men" which is an entirely different context.
  3. Scripture is clear we must Walk in the Spirit. Many new believers have not been discipled in these areas. They hear the preacher talk about it but if they are not vigilant in the Word of God they will be weak anemic and will succomb to temptation. Accepting Christ is not something we just do. It is a daily walk with our Savior and Lord.
  4. Scripture teaches us that it is not good for man to be alone.
  5. what a hope! an option to base thier beliefs on evidence rather than a hypthesis.
  6. This is sad to say the least but what is really sad is that in a country where the gospel is so available that people choose to miss out on the love of a lifetime.
  7. I saw this commercial. It doesn't surprise me because they have gradually adopting some of the protestant ways. They truly believe that they are the original church and that the Bible originated with them because that is what they are taught.
  8. I agree that Kitagirls interpretation is correct because it coincides with the context of the scripture.
  9. The Bible clearly teaches us to show no appearance of evil. Resist the devil and he will flee from us.
  10. Jesus made an example of the Pharisees for a reason. They followed God’s teachings but refused to acknowledge the Lord, Jesus Christ and they certainly knew nothing about having a relationship with Him. This goes to show we can learn from people who may not believe exactly the way we do. When Bill Rice and all the teachers of his era taught there was no doubt who they served. Many of the books today only speak of God and few dare to name the name above all others, Jesus.
  11. I believe that old time preachers had more time to spend with the Lord and were not confined by the electronic age. They trained and discipled new believers so the believers were equipped to go and do what the Lord had commissioned them to do. They trained them to live their calling.
  12. There are many fundamentals of the faith that the Catholics believe in. Just because we believe in the Trinity does not make a person pro- Catholic, anymore that believing that there is a hell. All that means is that Jack agreed with them where they line out with Scripture but I am sure if they addressed the unbiblical belief systems that he would not agree with them.
  13. Only the power of God's love, grace, and forgiveness can restore broken relationships!!!!
  14. I believe that being a parent is one of the highest callings there is.
  15. "Biblical separation is a lifestyle difference not isolation from every error that is in the world." AMEN!
  16. This is an interesting topic. I must ask what your motivation for addressing this topic? Condemnation or edification?
  17. Does the fact that the Jews have not kept their part of the bargain affect their standing as "God's chosen people"?
  18. I believe that it is not a question of whether a person drinks or not but rather what is a person's motivation for drinking. Christ calls us to be sober and vigilant. Anyone that has studied the affects of alcohol knows that it hinders reactions and skews our judgement. Most people drink to relax, escape or deal with emotional pain. Jesus is our refuge and strength we find our peace and joy in His presence.
  19. Jesus left us a model of biblical separation !!!
  20. that being said wouldn't the book of Hebrews and Revelation be evidence that God is not finished with the nation of Israel?
  21. This a classic example of how people focus in on a scripture and twist it. Context is everything. All though scripture the focus of spiritual adorning is on the heart. I Peter states it clearly in I Peter 3:4. If the heart is not right all the outword works and adorning are futile.
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