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  1. Shower - since I'm only hobbit size, lol, leaning over the sink to wash my hair isn't easy! Sausage or bacon with your eggs?
  2. Have any of y'all ever tried Blue Bunny Champs? The best, best , best ice cream drumsticks, bar none! :D
  3. Thanks, guys! Pat's going to be fine. Troy talked to him a few days ago. He did bet busted up a bit but will recover. :)
  4. Amen!!!! Yes, God did give that push that saved you! :D
  5. I heard about that - God be praised!!!! :D
  6. Ohhhhh, I love that one! Anyhow - ice cream. :D
  7. Sojourner, glad your mom is getting better. May God continue to heal her and provide you and your family with comfort and strength!
  8. That's what happens when you visit OB for too long, lol. :D
  9. baked potato (E-yum, love steak & baked taters! )
  10. Tasty! And I looooove tasting food, LOL! :D
  11. LOL - they're going to keep me busy, which I like. It's a CPA firm, and I'll be doing data entry and all that. My boss and coworkers are really nice, too - I think I'll get along well. Thanks for asking, and thank all of you for your support!!!!!! :D
  12. I'm pretty easygoing and in most cases cheerful. :)
  13. :cool: :sing: :D But also a little :yawn: lol. But my first day at work went fine. :)
  14. Always remember - God has the timing juuuuust right! :D I'm glad for you! Going without heat is not fun! I'd rather be without a/c (at least for a short itme, lol!)
  15. Ha, we can't even read through this thread in a year! :nutty
  16. I am definitely a joyful Christian today! :D Anyhow - choir
  17. ...and He tells me I am His own. I like that hymn. :)
  18. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! No, along comes Dena, and nothing's gonna stop her now! :D
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