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  1. Praying for you, Dale. My brother went through a bad time with his ex - she drank and did drugs, would say she'd get counseling and wouldn't, you know the scene. Fortunately they didn't have children. May God heal your heart and sould and grant you strength!
  2. Pizza! :lol Shower or bath?
  3. Madeline, that is one of my fave Bugs Bunny skits! :lol
  4. I've noticed that - if they don't like you, they go after you. :sad
  5. Oh, wow, that is great!!!!!!!!!! :nutty
  6. Ban Madeline because Brandon's been banned for that before. :)
  7. Gotta have summer - I'm a June baby. Hot or cold breakfast?
  8. E-well, you gotta have the sequential number 666 before you can have 667, right? :lol:
  9. Yay - they make the guys look mighty fine. : Sitting by a warm fire, reading a good book and sipping a cup of tea on a cold winter night. :)
  10. Absolutely wonderful! :D
  11. Ohhhhh, that's great! :rollover:
  12. Oh, yeah! :sing: Every second of every day! tpntm had DiGiorno pizza for lunch. (psst, so did I, lol.)
  13. Child (even in heart, like me. )
  14. Ban Kevin for not trying the Heimlich. :lol:
  15. Thanks for the update. Glad to know she is improving.
  16. I am now! :D tpntm lives in a duplex with a difficult naighbor.
  17. Lake (A cabin on the lake, with a little boat house - oh, yeah. )
  18. Hmmm, I have two associates and a bachelor's as well, but why can't I get a high-paying job???? Btw, my new job's great. :D
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