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  1. Ban Madeline for being hard on herself. :smile
  2. Ban Brandon just 'cause I want to play too! :lol
  3. Let's put it this way - I praise God for my family! My sister lives close to me. My oldest brother lives about 30 or so miles away, and my other brother lives in GA. We have cousins in IA.
  4. I loved it! :nutty
  5. Mmmm-mmmm, Mexi food sounds good! :lol
  6. That's cool! May God help your cousins through the church as they grow in Him. It's really great to hear about young people being reborn!
  7. Awesome!!!!!! May the Lord bless you for your patience and love, and may He bless your wife and help her to grow in Him!
  8. Pizza - it's not delivery, it's Di'Giorno, LOL! They're good. :smile
  9. Pie (pecan, apple or pumpkin! :lol) Doritos or Fritos?
  10. Been good, and doing good, lol. :lol Btw, y'all is used for plural, lol.
  11. Ohhh, that is too funny! :rollover:
  12. Yay! Cleaning up the kitchen (which I should be doing, but am not, LOL! )
  13. When (When will Christ come? :lol) Kool-Aid or juice?
  14. :cool and :lol but just now getting hehe
  15. Now, how would we ever get confused? :lol
  16. Yes, I know - I was referring to the joke itself, the subject matter - does it belong on OB.
  17. Talk about touche, LOL! :nutty
  18. Ah, just working and all that jazz, lol. I go in spurts - sometimes I have lots to say, and sometimes I do not, hehe. :smile
  19. I am the winner of the day, lol. :lol Love y'all!
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