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  1. The child referred to in Rev. 12 has confused me - it says, Rev. 12.5, "And she brought forth a man child who was to rule over all nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up unto God and to His Throne." I thought at first this was about the one world ruler, until the rest of the verse, about the child being caught up unto God. Still a little unclear, lol, but I can see where the Child could be Jesus. I've been watching for the one world ruler, though - not too hard I hope, lol!
  2. A hearty AMEN to that!!!! I am again jobless, but I know God has a plan, and there is much in my life that is still good - my family, and my very life itself! For Christ is good always!
  3. This is one of my favorite threads!!!!! I praise God for helping you as He does, and your sharing your praises is a blessing! It's also a great way to glorify Him! I praise Him for this board, too!
  4. True! But that's a cool story! :smile
  5. Ban Madeline for not giving a reason to ban john81. :lol:
  6. Woooo-hooooo!!!! Love that Southern stuff!!! :lol And of course, my fave state, Sweet Home Alabama!!!! :cool What's your favorite board game?
  7. Woo, sounds delish! I'm having tacos by my little self tonight.
  8. Ugh! I have heard allergies can start suddenly - sorry to hear about that.
  9. Yes, the Rapture will be first, then the Trib, then the Second Coming - that's when Christ will set up His Millenial Kingdom up on earth. I can't wait!!!! :lol
  10. Anything starchy or cheesy, lol! Now pizza's always great for me. What's your favorite type of food (Mexican, Oriental, etc.)
  11. Me, grouchy or whiny? Never happen!!! LOL! :wink
  12. Oh, yeaaahhhh! :lol Jif is my fave kind, too, though I don't buy it often. I eat it right out of the jar, and it's gotta be the extra-crunchy! :hungry:
  13. I've had hard crying spells recently. Like when I lost my job last June, and again this week when I lost another job! I also cry when I get lonely and miss my mom, and when I worry about my brother's financial situation. I don't mean for my faith to be weak (I know God will handle everything) but I can't seem to helpp it. :sad
  14. Please pray for my brother Troy - he has been having very bad financial difficulties. Pray for a financial miracle - thanks!!!!!
  15. Bananas. What's your favorite drink?
  16. Speaking of "power of suggestion," ban 5dumplings for making me absolutely hungry for chicken & dumplings! LOL! :lol
  17. Surely yuk, lol! Job hunting (again! )
  18. :bawling: I've had this song in my head alllll daaaaay, making me cry, and I can't stop it!!!! Kind of lonely, too.
  19. Agreed - we had a little bit here. Means I gotta mow - ugh, LOL! Haven't had to mow for a bit when it was so dry.
  20. What dis? My avatar gone, too??
  21. Mega-yay!!!! :lol A quiet evening - just messing around. :smile
  22. Let me join in saying AMEN!!!!! He is soooooo good! :sing:
  23. Ok, I see we still have a posting riot here, LOL! :cool
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