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  1. Ohh, hope you get better soon, Stephanie!
  2. You know, that doesn't sound bad. :) I like creamed peas, and I like toast. They'd go good together.
  3. I eat raw dough when I bake - biscuit dough and cookie dough - yum, LOL! Also batters. I'll tell you a true story: one night when I was little my mom was fixing to bake a cake, and my dad and brothers asked her why she had to bake the batter. To make a long story short, we had chocolate cake batter for dessert - but it was good, lol. :D
  4. Outdoors (e-well, on a warm, sunny calm day, LOL :D) Plain potato chips or Doritos? As for me, I'm a Doritos addict, LOL!
  5. Definitely buy my own - gardening's too much work, and I like to play more, LOL :rollover: Cold weather or hot weather?
  6. Yessss! Diet Coke for me, too! :D And mashed potatoes (with gravy, of course! :D) Chicken or beef?
  7. Bwaahaaa, Brother Matt, you got that right, wrong pick on the Yankees. :D As for soccer or basketball, neither, thank you! :D Hmmm.. Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?
  8. Definitely fishing. :) Singing or playing an instrument?
  9. All righty. :D Hmm... Fried or baked chicken? (now, I have a one-track mind -food! :lol:)
  10. No problem. :) Btw, need to do some dusting or vacuuming myself! :lol:
  11. [quote] by the way, what is grits... [/quote] Grits are a Southern breakfast food, kind of like Cream of Wheat.
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