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  1. I tried to do a birthday emotion for each year I thought she was, but the board gave me this message: "You have posted a message with more emoticons that this board allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message" I guess that makes her old. Edited: This is Bromatt. I did not realize that Trish was logged in to my computer. :tapping:
  2. I love it because it is easy for a simply gal like me to understand it.
  3. The person next to me is sleeping....and so should I :yawn:
  4. Trish


    We had a highschool teacher that would start a chess game at recess with some student and since it always takes awhile to play chess, many times we just had a studyhall that period. We all loved not having class. Funny thing is we always finished the books in his class too! Never did like chess myself.
  5. In the case just posted, he has not ruled his own house well and has disqualified himself on that point. The wife has also helped him strike out 2 more times as he is now not the husband of a wife and is now not blameless. This is very sad. We see it happening more and more. Many churches are being destroyed because the Pastor cannot rule his own house. Very sad indeed. :sad
  6. I don't believe so because then he would not be blameless, but on the other hand, if that all happened before salvation, he would not be blameless in God's sight. So the question remains, since the person will always be blameless in our eyes, is it irrelevant because in God's eyes he has a clean slate so to speak?
  7. I was raised that you DO NOT EVER chew gum in church. Can't say I'm that adamently against it though. Sometimes you just have to have something in your mouth to stay awake. So while I don't really care for it much, I don't think it is wrong. Do I let my kids chew gum in church? or is it given to jr. church kids? No, but basically because they just will make a mess with it. I have signed in front of the church during sermon time and I really can't say that those that were chewing gum were distracting me at all or blowing bubbles and such.
  8. finally, the computer to myself :shock: Seriously though, I do miss him and Bethany. Pray they come home saftly on thursday morning.
  9. now the game can end. I finally found time to post and thats what he was waiting for.....maybe?????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :frog :frog :frog

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