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  1. I tried to do a birthday emotion for each year I thought she was, but the board gave me this message: "You have posted a message with more emoticons that this board allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message" I guess that makes her old. Edited: This is Bromatt. I did not realize that Trish was logged in to my computer. :tapping:
  2. I love it because it is easy for a simply gal like me to understand it.
  3. try making nap time shorter so he is tired at bedtime. I know its sounds crazy, but my girls began to not even need a nap by this age and we put quiet time (playing in the playpen) into place so that I still had down time and kept my sanity. Sometimes they fell asleep and some times they didn't. We still have them.
  4. Did you find it yet? I really want to go out to dinner :smile
  5. science fiction, because It is due to modern medicine that I lived past 6yrs old, and married an alien. Matt will tell you, he's way out there sometimes. (matt, back at you) :frog
  6. Yeah!!!! Tell everyone hello for us.
  7. We probably all know someone like this. I do too and the Father was the first to stray in the eyes of others. I have a feeling though that they had issues in there marraige before we saw it openly. Our friends have since been divorced and one side is now remarried. They have ruined the christian testimony for their family and their teen age children are not living for God. Don't know what will happen with the younger ones, but it doesn't look good. I really don't know the answer, except that they are still living so that means that God has not given up on them yet. They both also give clear evidence of salvation. I believe we should pray them back to the Lord and even more diligently pray that the children do not fall into the same sin as their parents.
  8. We got one for the family for Christmas this year and it is well worth the money. It has brought our family closer together and has a great exercise program. The WII fit is a really neat.
  9. This is BroMatt. I'm too lazy to log in under my name. Kevin, did you mean can see the topic? For some reason I am not understanding.
  10. What about eating supper Amish style. My in-laws did that a couple summers ago. You actually go to their home and have dinner. You need reservations of course, but they and Matt's cousins really enjoyed it.
  11. Wow, keys in the car????? My sisters car was stolen last winter as she let the car warm up last winter. I'm with you Suzy, chain things down it you are going to put things on the lawn. I've used my pic. window in the living room to write Christmas Bible verses.
  12. :amen: I remember when my parents told me I was finally paid for! :pmpkn:
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