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    amblivion got a reaction from heartstrings in Good Tips On Saving Money…. $$$   
    If you are going to upgrade your computer, be sure to shop at Newegg and Tigerdirect online. Also shop on eBay. If you have a Frys store near you, it is far better than Best Buy. Best Buy is usually the worst buy.
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    amblivion got a reaction from SarahStrawberry in Binary Day   
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    amblivion reacted to heartstrings in Kentucky church bans interracial marriage   
    If a church consistently preaches AGAINST homosexuality as it should, I doubt very seriously that any sodomites will even want to join. Banning interracial couples and preventing a 'gay couple' from joining are two very different things because there is biblical basis for preaching against homosexuality; absolutely NONE for preaching against interracial marriage. If we're going to be persecuted and evil spoken of, let it be for righteousness sake. and not because we've backslid to the level of being like a bunch of proud Pharisees hating on "Samaritans".
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    amblivion reacted to PastorMatt in [Video] Addams Family Spoof -The Homeschool Family   
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    amblivion got a reaction from Brother Rick in Does our appearance for Christ make a difference?   
    I had to kind of giggle about the Pentecostal comment. When I worked at Dixie Stampede as a photographer, at first I thought the Pentecostals were IFBs. I soon realized I was wrong and realized the women who wore their hair in a bun, had a skirt on, an out of style shirt, and as you said sneakers were Pentecostals. They had a very distinct look. There is definitely a way to dress that is modestly attractive instead of modestly frumpy.
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    amblivion reacted to HappyChristian in Racial Integration   
    Concerned with maintaining the white privileges? Okay. That's a wee bit presumptuous, methinks. Blacks in this country are not "kept under" by whites. In fact, if any are kept under, it is by fellow blacks who want them to toe a certain line and not think for themselves. White people and hispanic and any other "color," or ethnic identity who follow a particular idea because of the color of their skin are being kept under by those who promote exactly that (neo-nazi being a perfect example, as well as black liberation theology subscribers).

    The way blacks were treated in post-Civil War days was absolutely pathetic and wrong - both in the north and the south. Attempts to right that wrong have backfired with Affirmative Action, which has created an attitude amongst many blacks (though by no means all of them) of entitlement.

    I agree that whether it is segregation or integration, if it is forced, it's wrong. Why is it still an issue? Because there are people who want to see "social change" and who use black/white relations to create trouble. Segregation can be a hot-button ticket for them to rouse intense emotion - which is the first step to (at times violent) social change.
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    amblivion got a reaction from HappyChristian in My Dad's Cancer   
    I will pray for him and your family through this time.
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    amblivion got a reaction from Brother Rick in [Movie] Courageous (the newest movie from Sherwood Baptist Church)   
    Thanks for the review! My husband and I still want to see this movie. We have watched all of them up to this one. The movie theaters are expensive here though, so we might just have to wait until it comes out on DVD. This way we can own it for the price we would be paying for two tickets. My mom told me that the men at their church want to start a men's Bible study now because of this movie. This is something my dad could not get the men to do before.
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    amblivion reacted to Brother Rick in [Movie] Courageous (the newest movie from Sherwood Baptist Church)   
    Brother, you're grossly misrepresenting the movie. This movie can help a lot of people and I think you're doing harm by painting it out to be something it's not. How would the Bible stand up if you were to do the same thing?

    What kind of wanton violence is in Genesis? How about alligators eating babies, mass murder, and slavery? Yes there is violence in the movie but I fail to see the point. Is violence bad? Ever read Revelation 19 or anything in the Old Testament? Remember what David said, “He maketh my hands to WAR…”

    Hate? What planet are we on here? Last time I checked we're on planet Earth that contains real people with real problems. One of those problems is hate. Is there no hate in the book of Genesis? No where in Courageous is bad behavior painted out to be a good thing, it's real and it's shown for what it is. Once again, this is Earth we're on not New Jerusalem.

    Sex? In Courageous there are no indecently dressed women and no acts of sex at all! There is a lost man who regrets that he did what lost people do - SIN. He repents of his sin of fornication that he had committed years ago, trusts Christ, and begins a relationship with his daughter. Is this why the movie is bad? Oh, and to be consistent in our rating standard here, we wouldn't make it past chapter six of Genesis.

    I could go on and on, but anyone here should get the point by now. Bad guys do bad things in real life, in the Bible, and in this movie too. People all have sin natures, they need to get saved, get right, and get closer to God. That is what this movie is all about. I agree with the PG-13 rating because some of the real life material is too much for children - but that does not make the movie sinful.

    Some people just want to take a stand just for the sake of taking a stand, there's no substance behind it. Some people want to take pot shots at fellow Chistians who try to do something for the Lord if it's not their idea of perfect. I hope you're not one of those sort of people. I for one appreciate the work that Sherwood Baptist Church is doing. They are making a difference for the Lord in people's lives.


    By the way, I read the site and they actually recommend the movie:

    "I am one more time going to violate my own policy and recommend this film: recommend that every father watch this film but that the father evaluate the content revealed by this report prior to letting any of his kids watch it."

    "Yeah, I am a real tough guy but if I had not been setting in a chair at the theater I might have been on my knees. Courageous, not made by Hollywood, might be the finest film I have ever seen."

    And as far as the content this is another quote from the site that will clarify things a little:

    "It is portrayal of the real world with real characters in real situations, struggling with real heartaches and enjoying real triumphs and joys."

    "Not one use of profanity. Not one abuse of God's name. No one in bed with anyone. No "boiler room" humor. No flesh ripped out of a body. No drunken teenagers. None of the content typical of many PG-13 films."
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    amblivion got a reaction from HappyChristian in What are You Thankful for?   
    In order to make the 22 quota, I have to catch up here. Seven things I am thankful for are salvation through Jesus Christ, my husband, our precious baby girl who is yet to be born, my family, our car even if it isn't the nicest, my husband's job, and cell phones.
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    amblivion got a reaction from JerryNumbers in New Burial Method: ‘Liquefaction’   
    Am I reading this right? They dissolve this tissue in the liquid and then dump it into our water system? I don't care if tests show there is no DNA. That is disgusting.
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    amblivion got a reaction from PastorMatt in FREE Skittles   
    Print the Manufacturer coupon save $1.00 on any two skittle bags 1.8 oz -2.17 oz each here:


    At Walgreens they have skittles on sale 2/$1 with the in store ad you find at the front of the store. When you go up to the front show the instore ad and give them your coupon for target. Limit is six. PS You can only print out two coupons per a computer at target. Also, just in case your local Walgreens is not familiar with the coupon policy of Walgreens you can print it off here: http://www.walgreens.com/topic/generalhelp/coupon_policy_main.jsp
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    amblivion reacted to Annie in Conservatism versus hyper-conservatism?   
    I agree completely...and so would every Christian seeking to follow Christ with devotion. But that doesn't mean that there won't be disagreement when it comes to practical issues...and I think that's what the OP is talking about. People are so quick to label another Christian as "worldly" without explaining why, as if this word trumps everything else the other person is saying. We shouldn't be so prideful as to write someone else off just because they apply Scripture differently than we do.
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    amblivion got a reaction from HappyChristian in My Take: Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing   
    It is sad that he had his idea of Christianity wrong in the first place. When someone first becomes a Christian, we can't expect them to know doctrinal matters. This is what discipleship is for. He even mentions in his article that Jesus said we are to go make disciples. His idea of disciples is way off though. It is sad that he has compromised his beliefs and is leading people straight to their deaths.
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    amblivion got a reaction from MadeFree92 in Suitable 18 b-day gift? (tattoo idea better forgotten and replaced) Suggestions?   
    A Nook Color or some sort of e-reader!!
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    amblivion reacted to Deb2live4Christ in Discussion Topic - Tattoos?   
    Above was the original question...I would first probe what he has heard and what his response to what he heard was...depending on his answer I would then ask really good questions that would allow him to put off getting a tatoo until he was absolutely sure it was of the leading of the Holy Spirit or the flesh from which his salvation just delivered him from...

    If I tell him he would resent me in the long run for spouting off my conservative beliefs which I believe are based on principles of the Word of God as a MATURE believer if in his heart he really wanted to put a tatoo on his body, but if I allow the Holy Spirit bring him to a conclusion based on the principles he learns as he grows in his faith he will then have his own experience with the Holy Spirit in his new found relationship with the Savior...

    I would express as someone else said to write it in his Bible until he is sure and clear of God's answer to him on this matter.

    I believe it is better to teach and guide him in learning how to hear the Savior's voice in this matter than for him to hear mine.

    If you have scripture give them to him and ask him to read, study and pray over them and then allow him to make the decision and allow God's grace and love be the overpowering factor in this matter if you see he may not have come to the same conclusion as you might have.

    Each one of us will give an account of ourselves to God {2Co 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. }...that is why it is important that he is given the opportunity to hear the Lord's voice on this matter himself.

    I do not want a lot of little deborah's running around....I would have a lot of disciple of Jesus Christ's hearing the voice of the shepherd and obeying him :)
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    amblivion got a reaction from HappyChristian in Discussion Topic - Tattoos?   
    I highly doubt you meant that statement in the context of just tattoos. If that is what you meant, then your statment means that the problem with Christianity today is that Christians want tattoos. You have also made the same comment on a different thread with different words. While Scripture may have rules, it is not a list of do this don't do that. As our relationship with Christ strengthens, we will want to follow Christ and become more like him. In essence Christianity isn't about a set of rules it is about a relationship with Jesus. I could adhere to everything given in Scripture and not have a relationship with Christ whatsoever. Sometimes we also tend to "read into Scripture." We decide that something is morally wrong, and the Bible is going to agree with us. We shouldn't want man made religion but Christ made religion.
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    amblivion got a reaction from anime4christ in CCM?   
    If you are looking for songs that are newer that are not shallowed and dumbed down, this is one of them anime. I thought I would help prove your point. I will let you all look it up if you want to. But I will post the lyrics since they are so good.

    Leeland - Via Dolorosa

    He traded his crown for a crown of thorns
    He picked up His cross and laid down His sword
    He stumbled down the road bruised and beaten for me
    Jesus walked the way of grief

    On the via dolorosa!
    All my sin was carried away!
    And the power of hell was broken
    As He gave His life away

    He knew it was to come from the very start
    But his love for the world beat inside His heart
    He climbed the road of suffering to the hill of calvary
    Where the saints would be redeemed.

    On the via dolorosa!
    All my sin was carried away!
    And the power of hell was broken
    As He gave His life away

    Jesus fixed His eyes upon the new horizon
    Soon he would arise and the world would be forgiven!
    Jesus fixed His eyes upon the new horizon
    Soon he would arise and the world would be forgiven!

    Hallelujah, Jesus rose again!
    On the cross He she'd His blood on Calvary
    I'm thankful for the journey of my King!

    On the via dolorosa!
    All my sin was carried away!
    And the power of hell was broken
    As He gave His life away
    As He gave His life away

    He traded his crown for a crown of thorns
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    amblivion reacted to speerjp1 in ABC's 20/20 Special on Independent, Fundamental Baptists   
    Having been the victim of covered-up abuse myself, a lot of what was said in the 20/20 episode and on this thread hits close to home.

    I thought the 20/20 production was relatively balanced in its approach and they did not verbalize a conclusive view that all IFB churches are cults or that they all have the types of problems highlighted in their show. Near the beginning and again in the closing sequences, they equated having standards (specifically dress and music standards) with being a cult, which is dishonest, and they also edited the music and video clips of IFB churches to come across in a very sinister way. Those seemed to be the two most unwarranted representations of IFB churches in their show. They definitely could have gone much further in their attacks, but didn't, and for that I am thankful.

    I had also already heard of the women who were interviewed and who seem to have made it their personal goal to destroy the name of fundamental churches through broad-brushing all fundamental churches as being evil and heretical. Their efforts are based mostly on separation issues and allegations of oppression. It seems to me that they add in and magnify the stories of abuse to make their other positions less assailable.

    One of the best points raised by the interviewer was the disingenuous practice among most IFB churches of denying their common roots and spheres of influence. The pastor who so graciously granted an interview did a good job of answering most of the questions, but when questioned about the island-like facade adopted by most IFB churches when trouble arises, he dropped the ball. There are very few truly INDEPENDENT Fundamental Baptist churches left. In my opinion, it seems like the "I" in "IFB" most often stands for "Institutional." This opinion is based on the widespread practice of most churches to limit their fellowship to a very tight institution based sphere of influence. Along with joining in some sort of fellowship, most will also only defend those IFB's who are members in good standing with an approved ministry that has sprung from their own preferred institution or association or fellowship.

    The thing that disturbed me most as I watched was seeing the letterhead of a prominent IFB lawyer (who, by the way, has helped some of the worst examples of IFB preachers, pastors, and evangelists out of a plethora of legal troubles, mostly having to do with sexual perversion) in one of the video clips of Pastor Phelps' statement to 20/20. To me, that only hurts the credibility of Dr. Phelps. Besides, he says on his own website that there are many particular things he would have done differently in hindsight, so he shouldn't be surprised that others would follow his own lead in finding fault with the way things were handled years ago.

    The most encouraging part was seeing a relatively young IFB pastor not defending the lunacy that can indeed be found in some corners of IFB-dom. It was disturbing, however, that he had not figured out a way to let the folks in his church know that he had two registered sex offenders in his church. Every pastor should be aware of who is sitting in the pews of the church where he is the watchman and should find some way to properly warn those for whose very souls he is watching. In that regard, it should be every pastor's goal to keep the children in the watch-care of the church from having to find out the hard way who among their fellow church-goers struggles with sexual deviance.

    One thing that all believers should know is that God's grace is sufficient for every need and in dealing with every situation. It will never be acceptable in His eyes for people to use their scarred past to attack those who would endeavor to stay true to God and His word. In fact, God isn't interested in leaving such scars in our past when He can so thoroughly heal us by His grace.

    I am a testimony of His power to heal from such wounds. By the way, I am still an independent (not beholden to any institution), fundamental (desiring to be separated from this world unto God for his own glory), Bible-believing baptist.

    Praise the Lord and Him alone!
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    amblivion reacted to Annie in Rock music and Movies   
    The subject of music is indeed a touchy and complex one, because it is viewed by many as subjective. I personally would not address the issue in the same way you're going about it (lives of the composers/performers), simply because all men are sinful, and even sinful men can produce beautiful art (Mozart, Lizst, Wagner, etc.). Without going into great detail, I'll just say that I always approach the issue from the cultural/historical perspective, as well as the personal perspective. Everyone agrees that no art (music included) is created in a vacuum. It is a reflection of the culture which created it, and it (not just the lyrics, but the raw art itself) expresses the spirit of the culture which gave birth to it. On a more personal level, music (just like literature or any other art form) does affect the morals of an individual. Either the art stirs the passions (called the "belly" in ancient times, and the "flesh" in the Bible), or inspires the affections (called the "chest" in ancient times, and the "mind/heart" in the Bible). Even Plato himself (a pagan) observed that listening to the right kind of music can make you into the right kind of person, and that listening to the wrong kind of music can tend to make you into the wrong kind of person. (I don't agree completely with his wording, of course, but am just noting that art/music and morals have long been associated. Only very recently have Christians veered away from such an association.)

    Also on the personal level, we have to realize that music is a human expression that is related to, and really just a step beyond, normal, everyday spoken communication, in much the same way that poetry is a step beyond prose. For example, the melody of a song, sung with the voice, is an extention of our speaking voice. It rises and falls just as the spoken voice rises and falls; singing is a "step beyond" speaking, more focused and orgnanized, yet communicating in the same way. The rhythm of a song is an extention of the body movements that punctuate everyday speech and add meaning to what we're saying. The elements of the music itself, then, communicate a message, even without lyrics. Anyone can see this just by humming excerpts of, say, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" (from Annie, Get Your Gun) contrasted with "All I Ask of You" (Phantom of the Opera). So, if the music we're listening to is really an extention of the performer's speech and body language, what can we gather from the musical sounds we're hearing? Is the message glorifying to God? Or is it chaotic, fleshly, passionate, and sensual? You don't have to be a musicologist to answer these questions. You just have to be human.

    In short, my objection to "rock music" has less to do with the composers/artists/performers and with the lyrics than it has to do with the music itself: its appeal to the "belly/appetites/passions," its birth (decadent American counterculture), and its message.

    Movies, like any other art form, must be judged, first and foremost, on the basis of their content.

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