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  1. OK I admit that I skipped right from page one to sixteen...so I'm not sure what ya'll have admitted to so far..... :cool
  2. Not to be a stickler here, but technically wouldn't anyone who posted last here be the winner...isn't your post always the last one....for the next poster... Make any sense... :uuhm: :Bleh
  3. You wanna believe it... The person next to me had sense enough to get some rest last night... :oops:
  4. I am Carla, and I have a ministry that involves raising 3 teens to maturity...and taking care of hubby...Does that count???? :? :D
  5. Would you be willing to change? :?
  6. I'm lingering in the background....but remember the tortoise beat the hare.... :saint
  7. Pizza.....yummy Tomato sauce or donair sauce on pizza??
  8. I think Bro Matt looks like a Beaver when he throws a hissy fit, don't you??? :lol:
  9. Have you ever seen Bro Matt throw a hissy fit??? :roll: :lol:
  10. Figured I was quiet long enough....look out... :D
  11. Don't you think visiting other sites might hurt Bro Matt's feelings... :? :frog
  12. No bacon Veggie burger or meat???
  13. grace2u


    I love to paint...sceneries, folk art..etc...mostly acrylics...I am mostly self taught...but I find it a real mental therapy..good for the mind. :D

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