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    I am good. How about you John. It has been awhile. I get on here and get active for a few weeks/months then disappear. I just get busy and lose track of this place. Since I was on here last I have gotten married! Got married March 1st. What is new with you?
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    Do you guys know that this female mind is very much enjoying this conversation? :-P
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    Its been overcast here all day. But I have revival this week so rain or shine its gonna be a good week.
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    nodnarb reacted to John81 in Last one to post in this thread wins   
    It means at this moment one couldn't pick a "better" team. Of course we are talking baseball and a team that wins six games in a row against decent teams could turn around and lose the next six to lesser teams!

    For the most part people choose the teams they like based upon location relative to the team or family tradition. There are some who chose the team they like based upon which team is most popular at the time, or based upon a particular player they like...I don't consider those to be true fans. Kind of like those I've see commenting that if Pujoles leaves the Cardinals they will never root for the Cardinals again...who cares, if that's the case they were not true Cardinal fans, they were only Pujoles fans.

    Our pastor is originall from Chicago, so he's a Cubs fan. His son was born and raised down here but since his dads a Cubs fan, so is he. Fine with me, I can respect that.

    Myelf, I just like a good game. For most of the year the Cardinals just couldn't get it together. Other than a few games they didn't look too good at all until September. During September and October the Cardinals managed to play some great games and managed to ride that all the way. Meanwhile, teams that looked great all year like the Phillies and Brewers, even the Yankees, got beat out. Baseball! Who knows what will happen next.
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    Have you been gone so long you don't know that indicates how many times someone has liked a post of yours?
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