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  1. Ban John for not knowing I'm terrible with grammar. (null)
  2. I know what you are talking about but I doubt those jets would have been so low over lackland taking off from there.
  3. I still don't wear a heavy coat. A lady at my church that has really taken me in since I have been out here is always on me about it to. "You're gonna freeze!"
  4. Do you know I believe that is true?
  5. No when we were marching we would see cargo planes just barley in the air so they had to of been taking off from somewhere. I never saw the flightline so I couldn't tell you where exactly it was but it had to have one some place.
  6. Growing up all I ever wore was a hoody or a fleece and I was fine. I hate heavy coats. here I do that and I about freeze to death.
  7. can I be honest and say not really?
  8. That is one base that I hope to never have to go back to. lol Actually I here if you are there outside of basic its a really good base.
  9. I haven't been outside yet. I am hoping it isn't to bad out there we have visitation today. I find that its not colder here then back home just a lot more windy and that kills ya.
  10. Well we don't have a full hospital. we have a clinic and if its bad they send us to the local hospital. Or if they can't treat it the refer us off base. I had knee surgery and pretty much everything I did prior to that I was sent off base for. but you get paid for those trips.
  11. Can we define the big word for the little brain?
  12. we have all the same. I don't shop anywhere beside the commissary. Well I go to walmart just for the flavored water I like. The gas station here is usually 1 penny cheaper then off base. I heard someone say that they aren't aloud to be any cheaper than that because it would take from the business off base. and since the town of the base is so small it makes sense to me.

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