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  1. Isn't that what I just said?
  2. About how heavy of a coat to wear.
  3. Ban Sarah for telling people I am beating a dead horse.
  4. Did I end my sentence with a period?
  5. The first night seems very familiar to me. the main difference was we got our stuff from a line inside. I remember people telling before I left that first night you will lay down and look straight up because your afraid to move and then what did I do. what did I get myself into. I deff had that same thought.
  6. Wouldn't a simple it was good or not so good answer the question? lol
  7. I never did like San Antonio. I went there once before basic and didn't like it. Now a days in the dorms after you get out of tech school you do not have a roommate. You get your own little room. With where I was for the last part of my tech school we were told that the rooms per reg were to small for us to be sharing with one room mate but we had to deal with it anyway.
  8. Ban John for not knowing that I did the posting but the phone added the null thing.
  9. It didn't change my attitude.
  10. How was everyone's day today?
  11. I didn't realize I gave you a compliment.

  12. Here i shiver. I have like no meat on my body to insulate me.
  13. could it be possible that is what happened?
  14. I would go crazy if I didn't have a car when I was in the dorms.
  15. Ban Sarah I dunno my phone is doing it.... (null)
  16. Why would you say that? (null)
  17. Could that be what that means? (null)
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