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  1. Would that be fair? (null)
  2. How did I make you laugh? I think you would get bored typing (null) at the end of all your posts.
  3. Could one even pretend to know who will ask the last question?
  4. Ban Sarah for making fun of my lack of ban ability.
  5. Our first night we didn't make our beds we just went to bed and the next morning I think we got to sleep in a little longer than we would normally since it was so late when we finally got to bed. not much longer but a little longer. We had one guy I remember break a ruler and threaten to stab anyone that came near him. He had a mental break down. that was his ticket home. I think he ended up in the 319th for a few weeks to get evaled and nowadays if you haven't been in so long you just get a other than honourable discharge.
  6. Should I think it not weird?
  7. Why would you ask such a weird question? (null)
  8. Ban John for assuming I'm playing mind games. (null)
  9. But I'm staying tuned in on here with it. (null)
  10. Ban John for implying that he believes one thing then denying it. (null)
  11. No I don't to either. (null)
  12. Ban John for believing Sarah again. (null)
  13. I guess we will always know when I use my phone. (null)
  14. Aren't they awesome convos? (null)
  15. Ban Sarah for thinking I am not speaking truth.

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