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  1. Why would you think that fun?
  2. Still not like being there but at least I can hear it.
  3. I don't know how long its supposed to be here but it is here to.
  4. but those circles are so funny.

  5. If I miss a service I can still hear it because we post them online.
  6. Why would we want to figure it out? lol
  7. You double posted silly. And what do you mean again. Have we done this before?

  8. The service tonight was great. He preached on the things Christ prayed for concerning us.
  9. Why don't you understand us?
  10. Ban Sarah for laughing at what john called the top dogs.
  11. Ban John because I was at work. (back on day shift can't sit on OB no more to many higher ups.)
  12. I think that is partly my problem. This marks two years in a row that I have not been home for christmas. and things just aren't the same when you aren't with your family.
  13. Ban John because i wanted to ban sarah. lol
  14. Its been overcast here all day. But I have revival this week so rain or shine its gonna be a good week.
  15. I am not in the Christmas mood this year at all.
  16. Does life not being fair have anything about the topic at hand?
  17. I know you know I just told you. lol

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