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  1. What are we talking about? (null)
  2. If I could move to a place where it never snows I'd be happy. (null)
  3. I really don't like snow so I hope not. (null)
  4. Ban Sarah for trying to defend me. (I was at work and the print went small after I switched back to OB after checking some tools in.)
  5. The revival service was great tonight. He went through the time when the disciples were not able to cast out the devil and the cause of that.
  6. I used to think I was good with technology. Used to being the key word lol.
  7. LOL I thought about doing that the other day. I will.

  8. Ban John not my fault. (why is this typing so small?)
  9. That is how they upload it to the internet. They record it on CD then upload it off of it.
  10. Does that depend on what kind of mind game?
  11. I have bought one gift card gotta buy a second one and some cards and that's it from me. (null)
  12. Ban John for not liking me oopsing. (null)
  13. Well that is kinda rude.... lol you just called us annoying. lol

  14. I have only made it home for one christmas.
  15. Ban Sarah oops didn't look to see if I was on the last page.

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