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  1. Ban Sarah as long a it stays rain I'm ok with it. (null)
  2. Don't ya know I was just asking to ask a question? (null)
  3. I would rather not have snow since we have church that day. Would like to see everyone be able to make it that is staying in town.
  4. We have been getting rain today. Overnight it is supposed to change to a wintery mix.
  5. bad thing about that one is I deleted the n because I missed the r. Must not have put it back. lol
  6. Ban Sarah for making her use of excuses ok.
  7. How come you don't think I am a great guy over all?
  8. I will eventually start learing stuff again.
  9. Jerry, No I haven't because I want to stay here. May not be to happy with my career field but I love this area and love the church that I am in.
  10. Do you know that I helped with that? (null)
  11. Ban Sarah for playing games when she should be in bed. (null)
  12. Jerry my career will have locked here by middle of next year but not yet they are reshredding us out to make us aircraft specific and this is the only base with the B2. (null)
  13. I am truly content here. I deal with the snow, don't mean I like it.
  14. Wait your gonna thank me then stick your tongue out at me... how rude.

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