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  1. Ban John because I really don't want to work on these TOs.
  2. Wouldn't that mean I would need to own one to let you borrow it?
  3. LOL I am not fond of diet anything. lol although I have heard diet IBC is really good.
  4. I will have to look it up.
  5. Ban John for making me think something then claming that isn't what he thinks.
  6. For me it was Root Beer and any flavor MD. Sometimes orange pop.
  7. That does sound interesting. what is the name of the book.
  8. I drank way to much pop before air force. now its not nearly as much... a lot more sweet tea than anything. still don't care for water. unless its is bottled flavored water.
  9. Ban John I came in open.... I didn't get to chose my career it chose me. But I am happy with my locale
  10. I might have to take sometime to read on the history. I have never really done that.
  11. Ban John no they didn't but they did tell me where I was going when I signed that dotted line. (which I never really signed like that I signed with a thumb print)
  12. Where did you get that idea at?
  13. I don't like regualar water to much. I have to have flavor to it. and no snow yet.
  14. when I lived in the dorms it was a small room and we didn't have a roommate. I could walk to work if I wanted to and the chow hall was right behind the dorm. I wanted out because people were playing their music way to loud and it was annoying.
  15. No I don't. I moved out last march. have me a decent little two bedroom apartment.
  16. What would be the point in a non-meaning question in the questions game?
  17. I didn't get to go to the service tonight but I will get to go to the one next week.

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