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  1. Is a couple weeks long enough?
  2. I am not sure. Have I been around enough to tell yet?
  3. Yes today was a great day me and my step dad went golfing. My face got even more sunburnt. But I had a blast.
  4. Jessie cute I am just kidding. I better say that so she don't caome through the computer and strangle me.
  5. Are you always that much of a smart eleck? Jk
  6. could you word it as a question?
  7. Jessie you double posted. Hello Every one.
  8. Wouldn't it suprise you?
  9. Same here I did mow today except it took me like 45 minutes to get my mower to work. I did the first stip and started back up my yard and it died the sparkplug was done for.
  10. I am not sure does anybody know what we saw?
  11. I have always wanted to be able to do that? A couple years ago I mowed my grandpa's for $15 A week and he had me go up and down the next week side to side and the following diagnol if you did it right long enough it looks nice. I just don't have that much patience.
  12. He mowed at this house a couple weeks ago. I walked home from work and the front yard was the first thing I saw. I had to ask if we paid for the way that looked.
  13. I am not sure what did you see?
  14. Sometime I think we need to pay him for the design he puts in it.
  15. I dunno I don't think I have mowed down there yet but I thinkl I was suppose to do it last week but got to doing other things and my little brother did it.
  16. It depends do I stand a chance against the cat?
  17. I do to. We are in the process (working on about nine months into it or something) of moving so I may have to mow the grass here and down at my home to be.
  18. I am not sure what do you think?
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