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  1. I can reach it as long as my dad don't make me get off here. 25 by the way.
  2. well you failed that 29. Keep this up I might get 1000 tonight.
  3. I am not sure are you? (36)
  4. I am not sure can you explain please?
  5. Have I ever tried to catch one? (Thanks for not going back to the Who What where thing that got confussing.)
  6. I think I will it 1000 post sometime this week awesome!!!!
  7. Where? Oh no not this again? :D
  8. why would you want to go back in I have deprived myself of fun for so long
  9. Do you mean in circles or like spiders?
  10. Maybe? why do I seem like it?
  11. I used to find it hard to post anywhere but in the teen fourm but I have begun to come out of my shell a little bit.
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