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  1. on wow you guys like cars a bit much don't you think. Ford or dodge (I don't mean to repeat if it has been asked)
  2. looks like you guys had a fun time on here I went to a youth activity at my school's church or should I say the church that runs my school so I had no chance oh well I still get to laugh at all of you that posted at exactly midnight
  3. both are yummy to my tummy rootbeer float or other flavor
  4. real golf last one to post in this thread or going to bed (as in would you rather win that or be well rested)
  5. all my snow is going away if this keeps up there won't be any left when it is time to go back to school
  6. sherbert ice cream or candy
  7. neither park or weight room (for exercise)
  8. hi well I guess I would say good morning but it is nigh so good night all
  9. I have already been in the van for three hours today cleaned my room and manged to get on now
  10. either way it is great Eating at home or going to a resteraunt
  11. food (you can tell I am a Baptist)
  12. hopefully but I don't know they have been predecting the worst winter here since the Ohio river froze
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