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  1. I don't suppose that we could fill GDM in could we?
  2. Well what kind was she referring to?
  3. Could you explain why you think it is diificult? ( I am having a bad typing day)
  4. I to had to cut the grass today. Not sure how hot it was though.
  5. Could we speak for everyone when we say yes?
  6. Isn't that what the Bible says
  7. What you are not as confused as I am are you? ( i go absent for a night or two and this is what happens, everyone decides to post)
  8. Welcome to the bored thanks for the great testimony
  9. didn't I already ask that?
  10. Chocalate Chip Oatmeal or raisin
  11. Don't you think they should answer that
  12. true. Good night it is time for me to crash
  13. Is there ever any one out there? Please come in soon would you?
  14. I don't think I will intentionaly at least not tonight.
  15. However I still do not average 1 post a day
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