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  1. She might not be but I think I am. Anyway I think the last one was Withdrawn So I would think Bank
  2. I hate the summer just because I am out of school(I am one of the weird ones that like school) I usually don't like the winter but if it means I am back in school I can't wait for it to come
  3. It is still going and it ended over 5 months ago
  4. Saturday was cold what are you people talking about
  5. I acn't wait for spring around here it gets warm and then boom it is cold enough to snow but not enough to give us a snow day. I don't want any snow days anyway.
  6. Neither Birthstone or some other rock (in ring if you wear one of course)
  7. Could you tell me if it does or not
  8. hello but it is afternoon know!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
  9. Deep fried Watching the game or playing the game
  10. I think I like both? apples or oranges
  11. on wow you guys like cars a bit much don't you think. Ford or dodge (I don't mean to repeat if it has been asked)
  12. looks like you guys had a fun time on here I went to a youth activity at my school's church or should I say the church that runs my school so I had no chance oh well I still get to laugh at all of you that posted at exactly midnight
  13. both are yummy to my tummy rootbeer float or other flavor
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