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  1. All is good today. I am on my lunch break so I went to the library. I can't wait to get off I am tired.
  2. yes, doesn't the world need more revival?
  3. We just had revival, did you?
  4. Sorry John did not mean to Ignor you. but welcome back.
  5. Relationship I can not think of a nother word for friends I am out
  6. In. Sweet Tea or Unsweet (I don't know why you would bother they are nasty.)
  7. Flavored like Propel I can't stand anything with out flavor to it it is just so plain. plain or bar-b-q
  8. Depends are the Wilson cookies if so definatly homemade. Homemade anyway. Chocalte Chip cookies or oatmeal
  9. sounds like you have got brains my mom hates doing them so she does it all on the computer somehow.
  10. yet another thing to add to the list of things to keep Jessi from. Snickers. Chocalte or Vanilla ice cream
  11. neither both are disgusting. Mt. Dew or Sprit
  12. cornhole bags mom makes them and whenever I hear the word sewing that is what comes to mind it is actually really aggrivating.
  13. We all are praying for you and your family, and maybe God will use this to see someone get saved. If I can remember right you have quit a few lost in your family don't you. If so it would be so so great to see them saved tomorrow.
  14. Everyone is still praying for you and your family

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