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  1. Do you have to be difficult?
  2. Are we going to have the suspense again?
  3. HEy isn't that a good question?
  4. Oops Did he manage to post before me?
  5. Why don'y you ask Gospel Driven Man?
  6. Can't you guess on that too?
  7. Didn't you just say you had one?
  8. I wish I could drive because I would go get one!!!!
  9. What would your guess be?
  10. :drool thats how good that sounds :drool
  11. Isn't that why I was wondering whats going on?
  12. Ban Im4given for critisizing my flag. ( I know)
  13. Wasn't I just wondering the same thing? :?
  14. I don't like tea so the two of you can enjoy.
  15. Ban Agentkhiem for having a picture of orange juice
  16. Isn't that a good question?
  17. Don't you know that you ask alot of don't you know questions?
  18. Don't you know I did to?
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