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  1. nah you just speak what you think is true. They won't ban you will they?
  2. Didn't he say it wasn't in his pocket?
  3. Isn't it that something John don't have?
  4. In most cases it would be us getting baned but hey they like us to much.
  5. What does that feel like? I never have that much money to spend except for driving school(ouch that hurt)
  6. Just keep drink that coffee like Jerry and we are good to go.
  7. ban John for using a word that I don't understand.
  8. I agree with Katie-Anne. Adults aren't even responsible enough to drink. No one can control what it does to them. Plus it kills ya!
  9. Ban Jessie for not having a true excuse to ban me.
  10. I'm fine how about you?
  11. Isn't the real question isn't everyone except Jessie nice here?
  12. Ban John81 for defending Jessie when I used !
  13. Was that meant in a nice way?
  14. What do you mean? (Sometimes I have to act dumb to stay in topic but yesit is)
  15. beats eating the same sub before you start working.
  16. Stop it sounds really really good and you are just tempting me!
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