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  1. Ban Jen for thinking we Herman could have been here earlier.
  2. Ban Jen because all of you posted to much since I was here last!
  3. Well it couldn't be his brain could it? JK John.
  4. I don't have one but as of late I begin to wish I had one. I am going to end up with one before I get my liscence. If payphones were around I would forget cellphones existed.
  5. Why not just post whenever?
  6. Ban Julie for expecting us to use a magnifing glass
  7. Do you know that you look into the sentces to much?
  8. BAn John for not wanting to be reminded.
  9. Do you know I think I agree with you?
  10. Where were they from that names sounds familiar but I don't want to answer before I know for sure.
  11. I don't know would you?
  12. Are you impling something?
  13. Then aren't you a talkitive little guy?
  14. Your not like me and take long are you?
  15. I am sorry did not meant to bring up a sour point.
  16. Yeah I just haven't ever herd anyone say that they have done that. Oh well it was to important I hope.
  17. Do we know what he said?
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