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  1. Why not refer that question to me?
  2. ban IM4given for thinking that I am impaitient.
  3. Are you actually paying attention to me or just saying that? Hey did you just try to change the subject?
  4. Should I feel disrespected for those comments?
  5. Wouldn't we all agree with what.
  6. Hello, what all have I missed I have been gone for a couple days do to the fact that we moved.
  7. Ban Bakers6 for assuming stuff off the avatar.
  8. Ban John for supposing that Julie is a good example.
  9. Ban hermanj for being up as late as I am and saying that I am up to late.(If i had to work I would have just got home). Now I must say goodnight my mom is going to bed and that means time for me to go.
  10. Ban hermanj for being so persistent in trying to make me accept responsibility.
  11. Ban HErmanj for saying that I am filling up his inbox.
  12. Ban HermanJ for complianing that I am after him. :D
  13. Ban HermanJ for complaining that I did not put the J
  14. Ban Herman for being so picky. I hate grammer if you can't tell.
  15. Ban Jen for posting to fast. OOPS typing problems.
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