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  1. No I am not or am I :saint . The person next to me is a little perinoid tonight.
  2. Ban IM4Given for not reading that it is not past my bedtime. (Established this fact a couple post ago.)
  3. Ban John for not realizing that I am young and it is getting rather late I don't use my noggin after 10
  4. What makes you say that? The person next to me jumps to conclusions to fast.
  5. Does this post really exist?
  6. Did you know that I must have?
  7. Ban John for wanting me to use my noggin this late.
  8. Hasn't science answered that already?
  9. Very true but I am having to much fun on here. The person next to me is trying to get me off here so he can go do something else.
  10. Ban John for making me say that (mind I was young) I was slapped by a cat and hissed at by a cat. I don't think it is me that don't like them I think it is the other way around.
  11. Can't you be the only one to answer that?
  12. No I still have about an hour in which once I get off her I will go read some spiderman. The person next to me must be getting tired.
  13. Ban John for wanting me to relive those experiences.
  14. Wasn't it meant to criticize me again? :lol:
  15. You are making me want my grandma's cooking now.
  16. no actually I don't. The person next to me is smiling right about now.
  17. Well I would say that you were very hungry.
  18. Ban JOhn for not knowing that I have had bad experiences with cats thus I no longer like them.
  19. Why must you criticize my bad typing error?????
  20. Why would I have a question to ask. The person next to me is going to make a sarcastic remark
  21. Haven't you asked alot of questions.
  22. Ban John for liking fluffy little kitten avatars.
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