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  1. Hello and good bye it is past my bed time :yawn:
  2. Can I say that I don't know those names but that might just be because I am not good with names?
  3. It is good. The person next to me is tired.
  4. Ban Samer for wanting us all to have avatars. Oh wait I have one
  5. I don't think I do, my brother talks in his sleep though. The person next to me really doesn't care if my brother talks in his sleep.
  6. Don't you know that I don't know much about music?
  7. Ban A4C for expecting Samer to have been to a russian baptism before.
  8. Is everything a contest with you. Oh by the way no you aren't.
  9. Ban a4c for wanting to pay attention to details.
  10. Why would you say that I don't think so, why? ( I know two questions again)
  11. Are you referring to the wrong figment?
  12. Hey walmart who could live without one of them?
  13. Ban bakers6 for noticing that she joined on a leap year.
  14. Ban a4c because he did not know I just made that word up.
  15. Ban KJB for thinking that I was picking on people
  16. I would love to live more in the country, on a farm and would love for my mom to let me hunt, but that won't happen.
  17. Ok make that two of them that are bitter toward the city.
  18. Did you know that you ought not do that?
  19. Sounds like some one is bitter towards the city.
  20. Are you trying to warn us of something?
  21. Did you know that you can be a bit strange.
  22. Ban John for not caring when I said it was late but caring when Im4given says it
  23. Can't it still be a figment of you imagination?
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