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  1. yeah that don't interest me either but there is other stuff to do. especially with my uncle being there.
  2. Sgts like that are awesome.
  3. Ban John do you remember Jessi? I don't know if you were here when she got off? I am trying to bring her back. lol
  4. Did I mention I go back to "days" monday?
  5. In this shop (not been there to long) every one seems cool. The flight chief can be difficult sometimes. But he doesn't do it in a bad way if that makes sense. I know if qa gets us or something happens he has our back, and at the same time I know if we deserve the punishment he will be fair in that to. I like him and it was really cool of him to offer me that slot before any one else.
  6. How do I not have a come back to that one?
  7. Ban John its not a theory it really happened man.. lol
  8. I don't go till late feb. but nascar is there while I am there might try and snag some tickets to the truck or bush race. Not really a nascar fan but might be something fun to do.
  9. Ban John I promise she edited one of the post to make me look crazy.
  10. When I got out of the flight chiefs office this morning my Sgt asked if all was good and I told him that he wanted to talk to me about going to vegas another Sgt goes "why do you get to go?" the honest answer was because I have never been tdy before so he wanted to give me the first offer.
  11. Ban John for not reading what she did to me in the questions forum.
  12. John, is that aimed at someone?
  13. I am looking forward to it. I have never been that far west or in that type of area so it will be different for me.
  14. Was asked if I wanted to go TDY to Vegas for a little bit. I know sin city and all that but I wanna go cause I have family that lives 10 mins from base. So I get to go for a little over a month. I am already excited. Need to buy some new uniforms to because I put SrA on the second week I am there.
  15. Oops i posted my last response on mine. Didn't realize it till I saw it on the side of the forums.

  16. My flight isn't on there. I will have to see if I can't find my photo and get it added to it.
  17. I think I have heard of this site but I have never been to it to know what it has to offer.

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