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  1. Wait your gonna thank me then stick your tongue out at me... how rude.

  2. LOL I thought about doing that the other day. I will.

  3. Well that is kinda rude.... lol you just called us annoying. lol

  4. but those circles are so funny.

  5. You double posted silly. And what do you mean again. Have we done this before?

  6. I know you know I just told you. lol

  7. I didn't realize I gave you a compliment.

  8. You use a lot of smiley faces don't you?

  9. No just that I messed up.

  10. Yeah thanks for telling me....

  11. Oops i posted my last response on mine. Didn't realize it till I saw it on the side of the forums.

  12. Yes it has. So then you are in Nebraska now? thats cool. Me and my dad have a running contest (which I am winning) on who can see the most capitol buildings. I need to take a little road trip and knock out Kansas and Nebraska. I was told neither of them are all that far from here. Might do that this summer.

  13. You prOBably did make yourself clear its been what 3 or 4 years since we had that convo. I may just have forgotten. I go to Calvary Baptist Church in KnOB Noster MO

  14. I know how that goes. You still at Moraine Heights?

  15. I am pretty good. How are you? It has been awhile.

  16. Well cool. :-) How's it going?
    Ok! I see. I remembered you were somehow connected to that church I just couldn't remember how. lol

  17. I see! Wow! When was that? And do you still go to Bro. Burke's church?

  18. Oh wait...I haven't been around in awhile either!!! lol!

  19. Hey Brandon! Haven't seen you around in awhile!

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