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  1. Ok, had to go back and do some reading. The "last trump" in 1 Cor 15:52 is the rapture which we clearly see. This trumpet is blown by God 1 Thess 4:16-17. Rev 11:15 is the last of the seven trumpets of judgement in the tribulation. This trumpet is blown by an angel, not the Lord. Context would show that these trumpets are not a chornoligical listing but rather a point in time for separate events. Hope that helps Tim
  2. Good question Madeline, I need to go do some study and try to get back to you. Im a pre triber also.
  3. yup me to. Today is much better. :face:
  4. BBQ hamburgers the last three nights. mmm mmmm
  5. Keep in mind the 70th week of Daniel (The great tribulation). Has to do with Israel, not the Church. John was the prophet, the one God chose to write this prophecy down.
  6. Pepper steak and veggies (ELk steak) :clap:
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