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  2. :cool I see that we are still going sorry for not coming as often as I should but that is no excuse I will try more
  3. The wind is blowing really hard here waiting for the hydro to go out
  4. I havent been here for quite a while too much stress related not sure how much more I can handle. Nice to see that this one is still going
  5. Low in the grave he lay Jesus my Savior Wating the coming day Jesus my Lord
  6. We are still going around and around :rollover:
  7. No NO not yet have to go a bit longer not sure why but have too
  8. Its almost 9:00pm oclock here watching Godzilla the real old one from way back, while playing on the computer. It is starting to rain and it feels muggy today. Hoping it doesnt rain tomorrow suppose to go on a motorcyle ride around Bowen Island here in Vancouver. B.C. Its a small island one road in and one out. Should be fun Good night all God Bless You
  9. its kind of funny when you click on something and something else happens and you forget what you were doing in the first place :mad:
  10. Nice to see we are all still going. Havent been on much but will pop up when I can
  11. We are still going must be the energizer bunny
  12. I have missed coming here to see how everyone has been doing and what you are up to. Time flies when you are dealing with too much stress. Have missed alot but will come in as much as I can take care
  13. I would like to go there to. My sister went a few years ago and played in the band there

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