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  1. It is just another one of their ways to “earn favour” with God, to merit salvation.
  2. Wow, another pure nutter! Go spew your poison and filth somewhere else. This website is for true Bible believers to fellowship on and those who are truly seeking salvation to come here and find answers to their sincere questions - not for wackos to invent their own brand of new age science fiction. Though I will admit, this is the most original demonic type of heresies I have ever heard online.
  3. Context, context, context. The Bible does not teach any kind of soul sleep or unconsciousness of the dead. They are conscious - just not aware of what is going on i the world after they have departed it. The context of Ecclesiastes 9:5 and Job 14:21 show that. Job 8:9 is not even referring to what believe think or are aware of after death. Sad - you claim to believe the King James Bible, but post in various threads in such a manner as to explain it away.
  4. They obviously saw each other in OT times, and even were able to communicate on at least one occasion - according to Jesus in Luke 16 - though there was a great uncrossable gulf between the two places.
  5. Anyone studying the New Testament in Greek or using a Strong’s Concordance would sooner or later find out what the underlying word is.
  6. It is from the underlying Greek word (of devils), daimonion.
  7. I’m sorry - but it is literally 100000000000% impossible for you to fulfill the righteousness of the law, which is why Jesus had to die on the cross for your sins. He fulfilled all righteousness in keeping the law perfectly. When we receive Him as our Saviour, His righteousness is credited to our account in the eyes of God the Father (and ultimately our righteousness through Christ exceeds that of the scribes and pharisees, which is what God’s Word teaches). 2 Corinthians 5:21 " 21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him."
  8. How did a-mish, I mean I miss, this thread? It isn’t the fact that they try to live without modern technology, it is that they enforce it as a rule (whether of salvation or as a way of acceptance in their society - going against these man-made rules gets you shunned by their community). Either way it is bondage and legalism and goes beyond the bounds of Scripture. From what I know of them, this is a hindrance to them accepting salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ solely by grace through faith. I have met many old school mennonites that are the same way. Not all are though - unfortunately, now many contemporary mennonites are now embracing ecumenicalism and every heresy under the sun. Praise the Lord for those who are truly saved and clinging to God’s Word (to whatever extent they are being faithful to it - of course, if they fully embraced/believed the Scriptures, they would be Baptists! I say that as a reality - in regards to doctrinal beliefs, not their names, as I believe the Baptist Distinctives are Biblical.)
  9. Interesting article. I read David Cloud’s doctrinal and discernment articles, but often overlook these kind. Will have to start reading these ones as they are worth the time to study too.
  10. Could I be IFB, KJVonly and still have multiple wives like my mormon friends? Just kidding... I don’t have any friends... I know what you mean. I have seen others do the same thing. They get stuck on one thing - good or bad - and are willing to compromise on other things to fit in with the circle that embraces that doctrine or practice. Or even accept more unbiblical things to fit in as well (like adding new legalistic requirements in food, clothing, etc. - not referring to personal choices, but embracing them as requirements for their new crowd).
  11. I don’t know where that is, but this church directory should help. https://www.wayoflife.org/directory/usdirectory.php
  12. A Christian needs to study and rightly divide the Old Testament. Part of rightly dividing is determining what are moral laws (still applicable), what are ceremonial laws (passed away but still teach us spiritual lessons), what was specifically given to the Jewish nation (such as the sabbath), and so on. Too many go to one extreme or the other without studying out the matter. So on one hand you find cultists trying to put their followers under the OT food laws, and on the other you find worldly “believers” with Jesus tattoos, wearing clothing that pertains to the other sex, fellowshipping with any religious group they come across (rather than separating from idolatry, etc.).
  13. Of course, the fact that Jesus arose is of primary importance - but whether Jesus was in the tomb for 3 literal 24 hour days or not is pretty important as well. It comes down to whether people take the Bible and Bible prophecy literal or not. In a few other threads on these boards, we see interpretation problems arising when people take end time prophecy in a non-literal way.
  14. Romans 11:26 does refer to the Jews, the 12 tribes that are still alive and remain after a certain point in the tribulation period. The Lord is going to lead them in the wilderness and purge out the rebels. Those who are left - ie. all (remaining) Israel will be saved.

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