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  1. Ron definitely holds the title for most viewed and responded to Introduce yourself thread... :shock: Must say it sounds like he is liking being out in CA a lot and "adjusting" to the rough life he has out there.... :saint
  2. Umm.. Can I just close this and win?? Just wondering?? I demand Bro Matt close this now... :lol:
  3. Hey Ron.. from an "oldbee" -- I'll be checking my mail.. :lol:
  4. [quote="Ron"] Back to Connecticut? What about my friends that want me to come back to Indiana, Texas, California, and New York? lol. :lol: [/quote] Those friend don't matter... just move back here!! j/k
  5. blah blah -- just get back to CT!!
  6. sorry I missed your Birthday... I have 2 broken arms. :( Hope it was great!!
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