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  1. Its so COLD. When I got up this moring at 6:30 it was 10*. Its now 16*.
  2. Its COLD here. The wind is gusting and we have snow flurries.
  3. Just got back from a Christmas party at church.
  4. They say we are gonna have flurries tonight and tomorrow, Wait and see.
  5. Liqiud. Powder sticks to your clothes. Bath or shower? (Sorry if this one has been done before).
  6. Im back from shopping. Hope all is having a great day.
  7. Good Morning. I getting ready to go shopping. Have a great day.
  8. Goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow... Lord willing.
  9. wow there are a lot of things to do this month.
  10. Hello, Holly is feeling better and so is my brother. Thanks for praying. Hmmmmm, I still have shopping to do. Maybe I can finish it tomorrow.
  11. Took my daughter to the doctor today. She is sooooooo sick. She has strep throat. :(
  12. Hi this is the first time I could get on today. I have been busy taking some of my family out shopping. We had a death in the family and we are busy with that. :( :cry:
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