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  1. Sugury will be this Thursday... please continue to pray!
  2. Thanks all for the prayers... God is great! Last night we got a call from our neighbor and they seen the cat in thier yard ( I put up flyers and left one on their door) so my dd went up there about 10:30 and she was able to pick him up and I held him on the way home. We put him in a crate that we have for our chickens inside our closed garage so I hope there is no chance of him getting out. I recieved a call from dh this morning and Miciah's infections has gone down so he can come home today but will have to be on antibiotics for a while. Please continue to pray for a full recovery and th
  3. Thanks all for the prayers. We were able to find the owner of the cat but they said that it dissapeared over a week ago. Unfortunaltly we still need to find the cat because since they last seen it, it could have been bit by something that does have rabies. My dh called awhile ago and said that my ds's arm was starting to weep, not sure if that is a good thing or not. Will post more later...
  4. Please pray for my ds Miciah (5yrs) he was bit by a cat on Saturday. I thought I cleaned the wound good enough that I didn't take him to the dr (next time I'll know better). It was worse on Sun so after church we brought him to the dr and they put him on antibiotics and sent him home saying that if the red infected area was bigger to bring him back in. We brought him in Monday and they admitted him into the hospital for the infection. They now have him on 2 different types of antibiotics and are hoping that he can come home after supper tonight depending on if the red area gets smaller and
  5. John, I havn't been on lately but please remember that you and your family are always in our prayers! :pray
  6. I get mine from the Sunday paper, friends/relatives/neighbors that don't use theirs, internet, and I also go through local recycling bins for coupons.... am I'm not ashamed to admit that b :ooops :lol:
  7. Doesn't it give you such a rush when you save that much! I have had a few transactions where I had to add items just to get me out of the negative, they don't like it when they owe YOU money LOL! I really wish we had HT's here, I would love to get in on the triples..... :clap:
  8. I am an avid coupon user and proud of it. Today I went to walmart, had a cart full of things that came to $150ish before coups and got it down to $80ish after! That is a saving of almost 47%. My budget allows approx $300/month for groceries and house and beauty supplies for a family of 6! so for me couponing is a way of life that I have come to embrace. I really don't care if it makes me look cheap, I completly agree with Lori that it is found money. I am on several coupon trains to pass off the coups that I don't need and will get some that I do in return. I will admit that it is hard wo
  9. I thought I would update to let you know that the Bell's Palsy is gone. Praise God!
  10. Thanks all for the prayers. We got home late last night.... I'm so glad I live in a rural area, I couldn't take all the traffic in the cities. I'm also glad that I didn't have to drive, I was having a hard enough time just riding. The funeral went well, I didn't realize that they were catholic so I don't think the family is saved. There is a chance that my uncle was saved, he was raised in the church that I now attend but I don't know. Thanks again for the prayers....
  11. Please pray for my family. My uncle passed away on Saturday and the funeral is on Thurs. We have to travel about 250 miles to attend. Please pray for those that are hurting right now and also for safe travel for all that are going. Thanks!
  12. How horrible.... praying for the kids and the family!
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