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  1. Praying for all those that are listed... Amen!
  2. Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation 713 Cannon Blvd. Shelbyville, TN 37160 931-684-0304 They produce bibles in English Russian, Hungarian, and Spanish New Testaments in English, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, Creole & Mosquito(Dawan Bila-an Indian dialect) They also print good christian books and booklets. Also if you are a missionry they will give you the "missionary price" God bless. :)
  3. Chicken Fajita's for me Mac and Cheese Lasagna for the kids.
  4. :gross: and Definately not :hungry:
  5. Ban Kevin cause he just stuck his tounge out AGAIN! :lol:
  6. Ban Annette cause good night too.. ( I felt left out )
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