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  1. It has been raining here on and off today and is calling for thunderstorm this evening. Everything takes on a clean fresh smell and look after the rain.... :mrgreen:
  2. Spiritual feeding and spiritual growth
  3. Why is it that certain songs seem to stay with us all day long?
  4. Well I was hungry at breakfast however, now it is past lunch time, but I enjoyed a salad and a sandwich. The person next to me has plans to work around their home this weekend...
  5. Yes I certainly do, it is amazing the goodies that can be found there :mrgreen: The person next to me shops once a week for groceries...
  6. Spring because the warmer weather is coming.... and the landscape springs forth in it's beauty. :clap Annuals or perennials?
  7. Would you believe that I cannot sing very well?
  8. Not here. : ...it is early evening here right now. The person next to me is preparing themselves for Wednesday evening service....
  9. Not alot, but sometimes.... The person next to me is very gifted in using computers....
  10. Strawberry shortcake and a dessert spoon
  11. Well I did have but just recently discared one plant because it had outgrown it's pot and was looking rather shabby.... The person next to me enjoys sewing and making clothes and items for their home....
  12. What if your neighbours don't come back? :lol:
  13. We had a late supper and had pizza... does that count? The person next to me prefers Coca Cola over Pepsi...
  14. Newspaper Stay at home for vacation or go away on vacation? :
  15. Is anyone humming that song, now?

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