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  1. Are earth shoes also called sandals?
  2. Hey how did you know.... . Yes our car could use a washing.... : The person next to me needs to weed the garden.
  3. Ranch Cedar siding or aluminum siding?
  4. Rural One floor home or two storey home?
  5. Garbage pail kids and Cabbage Patch dolls
  6. Well, I am not employed however I did do some work around home.... The person next to me really enjoys participating in the games forum on Online Baptist.... :)
  7. Ban KJB_Princess because I haven't made the request to ban her before.... :D
  8. Hello everyone.... I haven't been here in a while, but it's great to check in and see what everyone has been up too.... :D
  9. I don't think this game is boring, do you?
  10. Am I suppose to know the answer to that question? :lol:
  11. Ban hermanj because he is the next logical person to ban.... : :D
  12. Hello everyone.... Just thought I would stop by and check up on all of you... :
  13. My parents...Glenn and Laura My Son....Chris My Son's girlfriend....Karen My son-in-law.....Luc My Brother and his wife....Jim and Jessie My Brother and his wife....Francis and Debbie My Sister and her husband....Laurie and James My Brother-in-law....Kent My Grandchildren that I believe are old enough to understand...Spencer, Dillon, Caitlin . Several nieces and nephews..... My husbands parents....Jerry and Marg My husbands sister and her husband...Laurie and Darren My husbands sister and her boyfriend...Jerrianne and Jamie Several nieces and nephews on my husbands side of the family Friends........ Ken, Gina,
  14. Are you asking me, because I am not sure?
  15. I love the smell of a fresh mowed lawn..... :mrgreen: and since we have a riding lawn mower I don't mind mowing the lawn at all... :D
  16. Long stem Fresh cut flowers or potted plant?
  17. Yes I do and I am anxiously awaiting the warmer temperatures so that I may begin...I enjoy growing vegetables for ours and our families use and I love growing flowers too... :mrgreen: The person next to me has many fruit trees and enjoys eating their home grown fruit....

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