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  1. According to the Bible it says.... 1 Timothy 2:9 - In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
  2. Hey everyone.....it's been hot and muggy in our neck of the woods as well. Oh and by the way, for now, I am the winner of this thread....yup, I've got the last post!!!
  3. Society today has definitely taken steps backward in regards to modesty. Between television programs, movie theaters, magazines, public beaches and amusement parks to name a few, it has become so common for people to dress immodestly that many have become desensitized to the appearance of others. We that believe it is important to dress modestly seem to be few and far between. Even so, we have a LORD who convicts us and guides us in our daily living. It is my hope to be an example to those around me and if even one person notices a difference then glory be to GOD!
  4. Hello Everyone, It's been much too long and I definitely have missed the fellowship with everyone on this forum!! For those of you who remember me, I look forward to re-connecting and for those I have yet to meet I look forward to sharing and learning more about you. As some of you may remember I had some health concerns that I struggled with, however, thankfully the LORD has provided me with the grace and strength needed to bring me through. At my weakest moments there were times I didn't know if I were going to make it, but HE knew and allowed those struggles to make me the stronger person that I am today. Many were praying for me and perhaps some of you were as well. For that, I thank you! Truly the plans HE has for us are far greater then we can even imagine!! I attend a IFB church where our Pastor is a true disciple....one who loves the LORD with all his heart and continually shares the gospel. Our church has grown tremendously and without a doubt, GOD's word is definitely spoken, shared and heard. I am blessed and happy to be back here with you!!
  5. What was that you were saying..... Perhaps I will keep the lead for just a little while... :mrgreen:
  6. Do you suppose you should ask, just to find out? :
  7. Whatever sounds good, usually tastes best, however, nutritious is best for our bodies.... : Peanuts or popcorn?
  8. :lol: What!!! .. you're not whining, I mean winning at the moment.... : :mrgreen:
  9. Ban Samer because he was planning on ditching his friends.... :frog
  10. Would that be ethanol that you are referring too?
  11. Their both adorable... :mrgreen: Rabbits or Guinea pigs?
  12. Troops defending our country and protection
  13. Ban KJB_Princess because she loves this game too much... :mrgreen:
  14. Patio Wooden lawn furniture or aluminum lawn furniture?
  15. We all love bargains, don't we? :D
  16. Ban IM4given because she is the person who posted before me.... :D

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