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  1. I can tell it's getting colder by the frost that was on the windshield yesterday morning....yup, fall is in the air!!
  2. Just checking in to say hello.....been away and haven't been able to check in as much as I would like! Hope everyone is doing well!!
  3. If the explanation of being asleep in Christ is true, then there is no one in Heaven right now....Not even MALE!
  4. Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and bread/butter. Leftovers for tomorrow will allow me to create hot beef sandwiches. Love being able to make two meals from one!!
  5. So what you are saying Jerry Numbers is that those that have passed on in Christ, are currently 'sleeping' (they are not in heaven yet) but rather asleep, until the rapture when they will be taken up to heaven at that time??
  6. Deep fried perch and pickerel....with french fries of course. I realize deep frying isn't the healthiest method of cooking fish but it is sure the tastiest! We consume a lot of wild game and fish and most of our meat has not been injected with any hormones or chemicals to speed their growth. We are a hunting family and catch most of what we consume.
  7. Till the Cows come home All I want for supper Who did what I'll be banned They all seem to fit his character...LOL
  8. I believe your explanation has made it clearer for me and if I understood what you stated from the scripture I quoted, I understand it to mean..... When a believer dies their soul goes directly to be with the LORD and then in the future when Jesus returns, at that time those bodies who are asleep (dead in Christ) will be transformed to their new heavenly bodies and will rise first and go directly to heaven? So if I have understood correctly, that leads me to wonder what their bodies are now? All those currently in heaven are they just a group of heavenly souls without a body or face? How
  9. "What happens after death?" In the Christian faith, there is much confusion regarding what happens after death. Some believe that after death, everyone “sleeps” until the final judgment, after which everyone will be sent to heaven or hell. Others believe that at the moment of death, people are instantly judged and sent to their eternal destinations. Still others claim that when people die, their souls/spirits are sent to a “temporary” heaven or hell, to await the final resurrection, the final judgment, and then the finality of their eternal destination. What do you say... what exactly does th
  10. I am not sure if this has already been discussed here anywhere, but if it has I am sorry I missed it. This has been a puzzling area for me and I would love to read and receive some insight on it. It's regarding being a Christian and passing on versus the Resurrection. 2 Corinthians 5:8 (KJV 1900) 8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. This verse says to me, to be absent from our body (death) is to be present with the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:51–54 (KJV 1900) 51 Behold, I shew you a mystery;
  11. Ok gotcha!! I sensed it was him without knowing about his MO. Just seemed to much like his behavior of yesterday.
  12. What's an MO...sorry, not great with figuring out initials!?
  13. I'm thinking this is Preacher of Truth who I think was possibly banned yesterday.....perhaps he's back as a new member??
  14. I gathered that you's were married from the previous posts, but was unsure, so I felt I needed to ask. As they say, going to the source is best!!!
  15. This if off topic, but if I may ask are you Standing Firm In Christ and Linda, husband and wife?
  16. Sorry not sure what happened, but I ended up with a double post??
  17. Oh that's tough Linda.....it must be difficult planning and managing your shopping a month at a time?
  18. Oh that's tough Linda.....it must be difficult planning and managing your shopping a month at a time?
  19. I like Cream of Wheat, so I may like grits then!! Cheeseburger macaroni with frozen veggies and diced tomatoes sound pretty tasty too!!
  20. I'm Canadian as well.....but from Southern Ontario, so one of the lowest points in Canada. Not sure where Salyan is from?
  21. Oh John81, I feel for ya.......I would send ya, some cool air if I could!!!
  22. I've never had grits, so I don't know if I would like them or not. Not common on the menu around here.
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