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  1. I can tell it's getting colder by the frost that was on the windshield yesterday morning....yup, fall is in the air!!
  2. Just checking in to say hello.....been away and haven't been able to check in as much as I would like! Hope everyone is doing well!!
  3. Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and bread/butter. Leftovers for tomorrow will allow me to create hot beef sandwiches. Love being able to make two meals from one!!
  4. Deep fried perch and pickerel....with french fries of course. I realize deep frying isn't the healthiest method of cooking fish but it is sure the tastiest! We consume a lot of wild game and fish and most of our meat has not been injected with any hormones or chemicals to speed their growth. We are a hunting family and catch most of what we consume.
  5. I gathered that you's were married from the previous posts, but was unsure, so I felt I needed to ask. As they say, going to the source is best!!!
  6. This if off topic, but if I may ask are you Standing Firm In Christ and Linda, husband and wife?
  7. Sorry not sure what happened, but I ended up with a double post??
  8. Oh that's tough Linda.....it must be difficult planning and managing your shopping a month at a time?
  9. Oh that's tough Linda.....it must be difficult planning and managing your shopping a month at a time?
  10. I like Cream of Wheat, so I may like grits then!! Cheeseburger macaroni with frozen veggies and diced tomatoes sound pretty tasty too!!
  11. I'm Canadian as well.....but from Southern Ontario, so one of the lowest points in Canada. Not sure where Salyan is from?
  12. Oh John81, I feel for ya.......I would send ya, some cool air if I could!!!
  13. I've never had grits, so I don't know if I would like them or not. Not common on the menu around here.
  14. Barbecued hamburgers this evening......fresh cucumbers, tomatoes from the garden along with lettuce. Nothing like home grown veggies and cheese melted over the burgers......
  15. The humidity is quite high here as well, but I am thankful for our central air. We haven't had to use it a whole lot this past summer but on the humid days like this, we do!! My poor hubby works in an automotive recycling shop and between using torches to cut things off and impact wrenches to remove tight bolts, he is really glad to come home to a cooler environment. He gets a good nights rest as well and feels more refreshed to tackle the job of the day.
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