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  1. tarheel

    Hymns on iTunes

    Joyful Noise Music has mp3 & midi piano arrangements of many hymns. They allow them to be downloaded for free.
  2. The prOBlem with saying "I've never had my birthday mentioned, never had a card, nor a gift..." in response to her original post is that it really has nothing to do with the point of her post. If someone were to disagree with the use of using buses to bring in children, would it make sense for them to respond, "Well, you shouldn't be using buses to bring in children, so what's the big deal about someone not being available to drive the bus?" Or, if you don't believe in using VBS, then "What's the big deal about not having workers? You keep people around with what you brought them in with, so since you're not going to have VBS each week, then you shouldn't do it to start with." Neither of those statements have anything to do with the point of her post, so they don't have any business being a rational response. If you don't agree with a particular point or philosophy, that's fine, but when someone so OBviously is just looking to vent and get encouragement, there's no reason to decide to make that the time to point out that they're doing something with which you disagree.
  3. 70 Ford Torino GT - 302 - auto. Loved driving that car.
  4. My 15'' LCD from Dell had the backlight go out recently. I had it for about 5 years. We bought a 19'' Acer for $89.99 from CircuitCity.com. It is new (not refurbished) and came with a 3 year warranty which even covers the backlight. You can get that Samsung a little cheaper after rebate with free shipping at BHPhotoVideo.com, if you don't mind ordering online rather than going into Best Buy. It looks like that Samsung comes with just a 1 year warranty. You can get a 3 yr warranty from B&H for $35.00. Before I had had LCD's, I never bought an extended warranty, but after having my laptop screen, monitor, and 2 digital camera screens go out within the past year, I'm willing to do it.
  5. Bible Truth Music Most probably know of Ron Hamilton, Frank Garlock & Mac Lynch - you also need to sample music from Evangelist Byron Foxx. In addition to his songs, he has several composers for whom he publishes good, sound music that ranges from deep and meditative to uplifting and majestic. They just printed a new hymnal that has many songs that you just don't see anymore. Cary Schmidt He is an Associate Pastor at Lancaster Baptist Church in CA, involved with several ministries. Besides having several good books on dealing with/rearing young people & music, he writes great songs as well. My favorite of his is "The Perfect Lamb." What we sang was as a choir arrangement. It's a great song for Easter. Church Works Media These guys have a few hymns available to download for free. Our choir sang My Jesus, Fair a several weeks ago.
  6. tarheel

    "Woe Is Me"

    My family and I are on vacation in Wisconsin this week, and we found a really good Christian music station. From what we've heard so far, they play mostly Wilds/Northland/Soundforth/Majesty stuff. I heard a song last night that I believe is called "Woe Is Me," based on Isaiah 6. I've googled several combinations of the phrases, but nothing comes up. The chorus went something like this... Woe is me, woe is me, For I am a man undone, My voice can only praise thy name, And worship thy dear son. Woe is me, woe is me, My lips though unclean shall sing, Lord purge my sin, revive my heart, For mine eyes have seen the King. Has anyone heard of this song and know who wrote it, and where it might be found as sheet music?
  7. It would work out to $425 each if divided by 200 million.
  8. The attitude that follows is a great example... Must we assume a negative, that this group is some sort of "conspiracy of the ignorant"? The values of the group don't necessarily have to reflect negatively upon the intelligence of those involved, do they? The implication that seems to be given here is that since they probably are incapable of handling an opposing view, they must just want all of those opposing views silenced. Maybe they don't enjoy feeling their beliefs are under attack or they simply just don't want to argue anymore.
  9. I agree about Logmein.com - I use it all the time to access computers to help family and friends. It's free to use, but it can be complicated for the person on the other end to install. Once it's installed, the other person just has to be online for you to control their computer.
  10. Is her remote assistance permission turned on? Start> control panel> System> Click on the remote tab - the box that says "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" should have a check mark.
  11. Still only 2 signed up so far - the draft is this Friday at 11:00 pm est
  12. http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1 League id: 178952 Password: Bible
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