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  1. tarheel

    Hymns on iTunes

    Joyful Noise Music has mp3 & midi piano arrangements of many hymns. They allow them to be downloaded for free.
  2. The prOBlem with saying "I've never had my birthday mentioned, never had a card, nor a gift..." in response to her original post is that it really has nothing to do with the point of her post. If someone were to disagree with the use of using buses to bring in children, would it make sense for them to respond, "Well, you shouldn't be using buses to bring in children, so what's the big deal about someone not being available to drive the bus?" Or, if you don't believe in using VBS, then "What's the big deal about not having workers? You keep people around with what you brought them in with,
  3. 70 Ford Torino GT - 302 - auto. Loved driving that car.
  4. Is gossip still gossip even on a message board? Doesn't someone have to be in charge? Would we like to have folks question (actually, complain and whine about) our decisions for all to see? Do boards exist that that have little to no moderation? Are they more ideal than ours? If they are, why aren't you there?
  5. Looks like we have the makings of a pretty good hymnal coming along - 89 total on page 9. For reference sake, here are the titles listed so far. "Victory in Jesus" and "O, How I Love Jesus" were the most popular - both were used 3x, with several others 2x. Abba, Father, Let Me Be Alas and Did My Savior Bleed Amazing Grace Are You Washed Because He Lives Beulah Land Blessed Assurance Blessed Be the Name Channels Only Child of the King Christ Arose Come Holy Spirit, Dove Divine Day By Day Do You Know My Jesus Does Jesus Care? Doxology Dwelling in Beulah Land El Shadda
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