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  1. Why do the NBA games have to be so late for us folks on the East Coast?

  2. says thanks to all of you who have a part in Online Baptist.

    1. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      I really like this place, sometimes I feel like I'm getting knocked back on my heels, but overall it's great. Iron sharpeneth iron, brother!

  3. Reminder: Hoping to have the Status Updates fixed soon. For now they do work from your profile.

  4. Looking forward to spending tomorrow at church.

  5. How come sheep don't shrink when it rains?

    1. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      For some reason I can't update my status... it's not working... why! why? why????? ;-)

    2. PastorMatt


      I had the same prOBlem too. I had to refresh the screen then it worked. I'm looking into this prOBlem.

  6. Board Upgraded. Still a few things left to do, you should see those back by tomorrow.

    1. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      Just so you know, "Active Content" is missing.

    2. PastorMatt


      It is back. Thanks

    3. Brother Rick
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  7. Will soon be updating Online Baptist.

  8. You are making this board better and better, and making certain aspects of it even more user-friendly. Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. The website looks great! BTW...thanks for the congratulations.

  10. Bro. Matt... Thanks for all your hard work on the software.

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