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  1. The stats that you mentioned seem to be the same across the country in our churches. It seems we have become so entangled with the affairs of this world that church has become just a tradition for many Christians. 

    Col 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

    I wish I had an answer for you, if I did it would not be a problem in our church.

  2. 20 hours ago, Totoosart said:

    Dear W,

    i have been reading the article, but i have got one huge problem, i don't want to believe in God because of being afraid of Hell and the seas of fire, i'd rather believe in God because i could love him for being God, so far, that article is more frightening than helping, i don't want to be afraid of God, who as is mentioned, is full of love and pity for us.

    Whether you or I believe something does not make it truth, truth is only found in the Word of God. That's why the more that I read the Bible the more I realize that I have to change and that I was wrong. You say you don't want to be afraid of God, yet the Bible states to Fear God. You say "I don't want"... This is not about what you or I want, it is about believing in the Bible as God's Word. Your post is all about you...it should more about what God has done for you.

    (I realize we are not talking about fasting anymore)

  3. I currently enabled a new feature when posting....gifs. While I have this set to the safest rating level allowed there is a chance there is something that may sneak through. I have no control over what type of gifs get are listed, I can only choose a rating level. If this becomes a problem I will just remove the feature to keep everything safe.  

    If you don't know what a gif is.......

    goofy movie hello GIF   baby working out GIF  oh no eye roll GIF by Aardman Animations

  4. We just performed an update to the software that we are using. One of the issues that we will be fixing soon is the profile pictures that have been reset to the default picture. You can either change/update your profile picture yourself, or wait until the next update. I apologize about the inconvenience. 


  5. @Kivancsi And/or @Kivancsi2 Let me address a few things here.

    • 1) You have 2 accounts. Once is from May 2018 and the other is from today. Today you typed in the wrong email address when registering and send me around 10 emails telling me I put in the wrong email address and how hard it is to sign in. I will admit, when you register with the wrong email, it does make the registration process difficult. I will gladly fix this for you.
    • 2) I can't speak for others, but you are right, I am a sorrowful person. That is one reason why I needed a savior. Praise God that He loved sorrowful me to send down His Son to die for me. 
    • 3) This site is 100% free. Since 2002, we never asked for any money here. However, if you would like to send me a donation I would gladly receive it and place the donation towards world wide missions. 


    Thank you for your feedback. 

    Edit to add: Your correct email address is already in use under @Kivancsi. To fix this problem, just sign in with that account, no need to re-register.

  6. I can't really help in this area as we were on deputation for only 3 months. We were planning on being on deputation for 1 year to get support to start a church in Connecticut, but in our first meeting a door opened us for us to use a building right away for no cost. We prayed about it and ended our deputation after 3 months and started the church early. Seeing how we were focusing on deputation only in the north east, we did not use a mission board, but rather just our sending church.

    I do realize that it is different with foreign missions, but BIMI is one that I would never consider. That is just my opinion thought, as we do support missionaries that are under BIMI.

  7. 8 hours ago, Baptist_Bible_Believer said:

    I also graduated from BBC Springfield and am complete agreement with you that things have changed for the worse. The local church I attended called the pastor's son to take over and he wears a pony tail! G.B. Vick would have been apopletic!

    I added BBC to the poll. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Jim_Alaska said:

    Thanks BroMatt, very timely. What was it, anything I could have fixed?

    Yes, but it is something I also need to fix. When you add someone to the IFB forums, you also need to keep them as regular members as well. As of right now, the IFB members are not allowed to post in the Lounge and other forums, but by keeping them in the members group as well fixes that. Pretty much to fix, need to give IFB members access to all the forums.

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