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  1. I've seen some Christians use the Parable of the Lost Sheep as a comparison to the Black Lives Matter Movement... It goes something like this.






    While I see what they are trying to accomplish, these types of analogies are "Theological Racism".  Seems we're so quick to find Scripture to back up what we are saying that we don't take what Jesus was talking about in context. To use this story and to compare to black people to the one sheep is insulting to them. This guy in the link below talks about this issue.




  2. 8 hours ago, OlBrotherDC said:

    I am happy to be here with you all. I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist from Texas. I am currently attending an Independent Baptist Bible College. I am King James Only, Dispensational, and not a Calvinist. I look forward to learning from some of the older and more seasoned members on the site. 




    Welcome to OB, looking forward to your posts. 

  3. 18 hours ago, Ukulelemike said:

    Affirmative. I was a member while in the Navy from 90-93, went back in 96 for a semester of Institute, but couldn't afford to stay. Have gone back a few times for their conferences.


    Cool. He really helped me out a couple of years ago at a Pastors Conference in NJ. I was really down and discouraged over a church split, God used him in my life.

  4. Google emails me monthly a small report on how people have found Online Baptist from Google's website. The Ebonic Bible has been one of the top queries for the last few years, but since the Covid-19, clicks on having a baby in the end times is up 355% from the previous month.

    I guess since people are searching for this topic. what's your thoughts on having a baby in the end times?

    Annotation 2020-04-07 100005.png

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