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  1. The Most Spiritual Churches in America I have always been a part of the most spiritual Independent Baptist churches in America. God has been so good to me. Some may think that this is a very proud statement. You may ask why do you think that the churches that you have attended are so spiritual. Let me explain. We all consider that being spiritual is submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We all know that the Holy Spirit enables us to do his work in the church. He also imparts to us the ability to perform special tasks in the church that no one else can do as well as we can. What a blessing to have a part in the Lord’s ministry. Now, I think that the reason that I have attended the most spiritual churches in America is because even the most carnal, worldly, hateful, people in these churches have been given special gifts of a spirit and they exercise them regularly. Only in the best churches in America can you find carnal people exercising their gifts in the church. You may ask what gifts these people exercise. By and large, they all have the gift of tongues. Their tongue goes a mile a minute. They are very well-exercised in that gift. Most of them also have the gift of wisdom because they always know more than everyone else. If you ever have a problem in the church, they are so wise that they can solve all of the church’s problems in a matter of minutes. The gifts of wisdom and tongues are usually exercised simultaneously. Most of them have the gift of interpretation. They know how to interpret the passages that that the preacher preaches “falsely”. You know, like women wearing pants, carnal music, worldliness, and so on. It is sure a blessing to have these Bible scholars in our church. A few of them have the gift of governments. They really know how a church should be run. They are experts on each and every program that the church has. They are financial geniuses and know where and how all of the money of the church should be spent. The final gift that these people have is the wonderful gift of teaching. They are ready to teach the preacher how and what to preach. They are experts in the substance and delivery of each sermon. They can teach a preacher correct grammar in a matter of minutes right after the sermon. What a blessing to have these people in our church. The next time you get down and depressed about the state of affairs in your church just remember. You still have it pretty good. The majority of your worldly, backslidden, hateful, carnal, once-a-week Christians exercise their gifts daily. What a blessing to be part of the best Independent Baptist churches in America. 6-14-03 Pastor Danny Vanhoose http://www.graceindependentbaptist.org/
  2. Thank you for the update. We also had a purge after our first year of starting the church. 75% of our church left. I have found in my 3 years of pastoring/church planting that people don't leave over doctrinal issues. In our case it was incest aoung a family and other things I will not go into. God has blessed us since then. Just keep staying strong for the Lord, He will bless you.
  3. @robycop3 When you get some time, can you please show me where the stats are. I genuinely know want to know if the majority of jail cells are filled with people coming from large families like you claimed. I hope so. I've been trying to get Biblical answers myself. lol
  4. I created an Google web app for myself that I have been using for my personal use. I figured I would submit the APK to the Google play store in case anyone else wants to use it. Its nothing fancy, in fact if you use Online Baptist on your phone you will not notice much difference. As of right now there is no push notifications so you will not be bombarded with notifications on your phone. I may add that in the future. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coffye.onlinebaptist
  5. Welcome to Online Baptist.
  6. I can't speak for anyone else, but I definitely don't speak that style of English or any style of English of any translation. Also, if I picked the Bible based upon my area's style, I would be using the ebonics Bible and it would have no grammatical structure, spelling errors, abbreviations, and not use complete sentences.
  7. Praying for you Jerry.
  8. As a pastor there are instruments that are not wrong, but it is a door I don't want to open as it will be easy to head into a wrong direction. I agree with Brother Cloud here.
  9. I just realized today that Online Baptist is older than YouTube. Older is better (Unless we are talking about manuscripts. )
  10. @robycop3 Since you did not use Scripture, this issue of family size is a personal issue for you, not a Biblical one? To be honest, I really don't want to carry on a conversation about what is right or wrong when the person will not use scripture to validate a position. Not saying you are wrong, but it sounds as if you are stating this as fact. I would like to see the numbers. Can you show me stats on this?
  11. Not trying to derail this thread, but is this Jerry, a blast from the past here on OB?
  12. How can something be the same (God's Word) when they contradict themselves in some verses? God is not the author of confusion.
  13. You completely ignored my response to make an assumption that was never there. Please re-read my post. Not one single person here has said to tell couples to breed like rabbits, all we said is we dont know how many kids God told certain people to have other than ourselves. I will gladly change my views if you can use at least just one verse of Scripture to prove your point. Scripture is my final authority, not someone's opinion, so if you're telling me something is wrong, then you must have a Bible verse to back that up.
  14. I never put much weight into those who is against the KJV only when their only explanation is experience, common sense, & audience request. I'll put my faith and trust in God and His Word, not what man says. As to the original topic: While I believe the KJV is perfectly preserved for English speaking people, I do not have a problem with Archaic words being updated. Modern version failed because they have changed meaning of verses by re translating the verse.
  15. Why did God not provide for them then? How many kids did God tell them to have? How many kids is a large family? How much money should one make per kid? Circumstances dictate how many kids? All of what you said removed God and placed you there instead. Exactly!! If you don't know how many God has chosen for a certain family, then you can't say they have more than God told them. The problem is with sin and not the amount of kids. Then with what you are saying, nobody should have kids. I live in one of the most populated areas in the US, and I know just as many small families with kids in jail and on drugs as I do with large families. The problem is sin and not obeying the Bible, not in you telling people if they have too many kids. It's dangerous to play God.
  16. Personally, I take these matters on an individual basis. If they are not pastoring a church, then I don't see where they have to fit pastoral qualifications. We have a friend who is a single lady, who is a missionary to Russia. She is not pastoring, or has any authority role in the church in russia, but teaches kids sunday school class and other things we would let our ladies do here in our local Church. She raised support and went, and I don't see a problem with that. If I would let them teach my Sunday School class here, then I would have no problem having then in the same role in another country.
  17. While I understand what you are saying, God is bigger than you, myself and money in this area. If God wants someone to have a large family and the money is not there, God WILL provide. God has been known as the Lord who will provide (Genesis 22:14 & 2 Peter 1:11). Did it make sense for the Israelites to leave Egypt when they did not have enough water or food for the trip for the children? Did it make sense for Abraham to bring Isaac into the mountain for a sacrifice? Please don't limit God's ability. I dont think it's fair to make a blanket statement about what you've seen. I have seen what you have seen, and I also have seen God supply and take care of large families that had no financial way to take care of the kids, and I saw God provide and meet need after need. The quantity of kids is not a situation that is across the board. I must trust God in what He tells me, regardless of my bank account. GOD is bigger than anything.
  18. I had our midweek service last night. I'll open up a topic as soon as I get a chance so that this topic can remain about Archaisms in the KJV.
  19. I don't think that you can delete Safari from an iPhone, you may have just removed the shortcut. I can't get myself to use an iPhone so hopefully some here can help you.
  20. If we start a new topic about this, would you be willing to actively discuss it with us?
  21. The technological revolution we’ve seen in our Baptist churches over the past 20 or so years is astounding. What’s even more remarkable is the speed at which technology in the church continues to improve and change the way some worship. A few years back having one projector screen was a revolutionary way to change worship. Now many worship services include multiple screens, concert-style stage lighting, websites, apps, live streaming, Computerized Child Check-In, Video Announcements, video-based curriculum, podcasts, and more. Of course, many churches do not use some (or any) of these technologies in their worship service. And, honestly, neither your church nor mine really need any of them to function as a church. There are countless churches all over the world with little to no technology that are fulfilling the great commission in ways that would put to shame some of the most technologically-driven Baptist churches. The shift that has taken place with technology is that it has been placed ahead of everything else. Technology should enhance worship, not replace it. Gone seems the days when Bibles are carried into church, the Bible is being replaced by phones and computers. However, technology can be useful and serve a function in our churches. Here are a few ways that technology can be used in our Baptist churches without compromising to the world. Of course, the use of technology and which ones we use, is dependent on the area that we are located in. Church Website: Long are the days when people look at the Yellow Pages for church. Before anyone steps into a church, there is a high probability that they looked you up online. Projectors & TV's: Video announcements, Bible Verses, Hymnal lyrics are a few ways where projectors/tv's can be used. Live Streaming: It's often been said that if you live stream people will stay home instead of coming to church. I've found the opposite to happen. Folks in the community seems to watch a service online before attending. With wachy churches out there it is a way of folks to screen the church. Social Media: The use of facebook and/or Instagram is a great way to get your community engaged. Proper use of Hashtags can help get folks in your community to learn about your church that never would have drove by or looked you up online. Getting your church on Google maps is another way where your church will show up on their phones as they use their gps to head to a location. The important thing is that the use of technology does not take priority over worship. The Word of God is the main focus. It seems that technology may be hindering spiritual growth in our Baptist churches. Whenever there is change there always is opposition. I've often wondered how much opposition was there when the piano was first brought into the church, or electricity. Probably the only modern thing that did not receive opposition was indoor plumbing. Please comment below what ways your church uses technology without compromise worship.
  22. It's actually built in to the software. When replying, click the gif button in the editor.
  23. Arby's tonight. After visitation and church activities, we usually don't have time to cook. So Arby's it was tonight.

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