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  1. 18 hours ago, Ukulelemike said:

    Affirmative. I was a member while in the Navy from 90-93, went back in 96 for a semester of Institute, but couldn't afford to stay. Have gone back a few times for their conferences.


    Cool. He really helped me out a couple of years ago at a Pastors Conference in NJ. I was really down and discouraged over a church split, God used him in my life.

  2. Google emails me monthly a small report on how people have found Online Baptist from Google's website. The Ebonic Bible has been one of the top queries for the last few years, but since the Covid-19, clicks on having a baby in the end times is up 355% from the previous month.

    I guess since people are searching for this topic. what's your thoughts on having a baby in the end times?

    Annotation 2020-04-07 100005.png

  3. Thank you for you reply. I think this is more of a cultural definition than anything else. What one see as bold another may see as sarcastic/rude/inappropriate. However, I see Jesus in those verses being bold and to the point, but I don't see him making fun of them. After all...It was it's love that brought Him here for them. 

  4. 5 hours ago, robycop3 said:

    Matthew 23 (Most of the chapter)

    Matthew 3:7

    Matthew 12:34

    I'm not trying to be dumb here, but can you please break the verses down for me where Jesus was sarcastic/rude to others? I want to put some thought into this. Or maybe you need to define what your definition of sarcasm and rude for us, because I cant see where those verses are sarcastic/rude according to the dictionaries definition.

  5. On 2/5/2020 at 2:24 AM, robycop3 said:

    JESUS didn't hesitate to badmouth Satan, because He IS the Lord, but Michael dared not do so ! Think about it ! "

      They had no reply.

      I don't know if that sank into those people or not, but I tried. Perhaps the HOLY SPIRIT made the seed grow. I haven't seen either of those people since then.

    There is a difference in telling the truth in boldness and being sarcastic/rude. Jesus was never the latter.

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