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  1. butter (How do you wake up without coffee :? ) :D Hot tea or Cold tea? (Don't tell me you dont like either one :D ).
  2. coffee Coffee with sugar or without?
  3. Whopper Large or Medium Soda
  4. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] [quote="Dena"][quote]by the way, what is grits... [/quote] Grits are a Southern breakfast food, kind of like Cream of Wheat.[/quote] Thanks for the explanation, Dena....I had not heard of it before.[/quote] Grits taste alot like sandpaper so your not missing much. [b]Fried Chicken[/b] Since we are on food how about [i]McDonalds Fries or Burger King Fires?[/i]
  5. oatmeal muffins Bagel or Donut?
  6. apple juice Grape or Grapefruit Juice?
  7. cold cereal Oatmeal or Grits? (Please dont say grits :D )
  8. Captain Crunch Fruit Loops or Fruit Snacks?
  9. peaches Grapefriut or Grapenuts? :lol:
  10. grapes. Seed or seedless grades?
  11. banana split Cherries or Strawberries?
  12. white out Red or blue marker?
  13. Lined paper. - I cant write straight with blank paper. :( Metal or plastic paperclip?

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