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  1. On 10/12/2019 at 7:38 PM, Invicta said:

    Our church has a WhatsApp group which is mainly for prayer requests.

    That's definitely an option. I already started to develop one for our church members, should have it ready in a week or so. The reason I'm going with an app for us instead of chat software is  a few reasons.

    1. Online Giving option is right there when opening the app.
    2. I can send push notifications to members phones at any time.
    3. Church Directory Section
    4. Prayer Requests
    5. Upcoming Events
    6. Privacy. Certain pages requires login.

    We'll see if this works for us. 

  2. Does anyone here attend a church that has its own Android/iphone app for its members? It the day and age that we live in, it seems more and more common that churches are using different forms of technology.

    If your church has its own app,

    1. Do you find it beneficial/helpful?
    2. What size is the church?
    3. Did you stop printing paper bulletins and go digital?
    4. Did it increase the tithing/offering?



  3. I was just looking at some of the stats from my. online Baptist, and one of the biggest search queries in this last month that people have found us was by googling wife spanking. Now we're talking about husbands who discipline their wife by spanking. 

    I guess I'm just kind of dumbfounded that people would actually be searching for this. Is this still a thing today?

    Here is the link.


  4. On 9/24/2017 at 2:11 PM, Baptistsenior said:

    Several years ago I read a document that gave a big list of people being saved through tracts. I thought it was on here, does anyone know where I could find it

    I have never heard of this document, but I would love to see it or even possibly see about reviving one. 

  5. My family just returned home from a week long trip in Gatlinburg Tennessee to celebrate my Parents 50th Wedding anniversary.  My 3 brothers and their families was able to be there so it was nice having the family back together for a week. The cabin that my brother rented was the Amazing Grace cabin that overlooks downtown Gatlinburg. Here is a picture of the cabin (sleeps 25). 




    Everything was beautiful, but way too many bears for my liking. I'll stick with the city, I'm used to people coming up on the porch when I'm reading my Bible, not have bears chase me back into the house, like this little bear did. 




  6. Please define to me what the definition of murder is.  This is important to understand why God does what He does and to understand if God broke one of His own commandments (Ex. 20:13), so after you define that for me, I can proceed to answer your question.

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