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  1. My family just returned home from a week long trip in Gatlinburg Tennessee to celebrate my Parents 50th Wedding anniversary.  My 3 brothers and their families was able to be there so it was nice having the family back together for a week. The cabin that my brother rented was the Amazing Grace cabin that overlooks downtown Gatlinburg. Here is a picture of the cabin (sleeps 25). 




    Everything was beautiful, but way too many bears for my liking. I'll stick with the city, I'm used to people coming up on the porch when I'm reading my Bible, not have bears chase me back into the house, like this little bear did. 




  2. Please define to me what the definition of murder is.  This is important to understand why God does what He does and to understand if God broke one of His own commandments (Ex. 20:13), so after you define that for me, I can proceed to answer your question.

  3. As you have seen, we have a section on Online Baptist called Baptist News. This section is for articles that are Baptist related and cover things like church, humor, opinions, and more.

    I would like to announce that @PreacherE has decided to help write articles for us on Online Baptist. I look forward to reading his articles and learn from the insight that God has given him.

    If anyone else is interested in writing articles, please shoot me a message as this would be a good opportunity for you to get publicity.

  4. 8 hours ago, HappyChristian said:

    Sometimes a purging is necessary when members won't submit to God and His Word. 

    Thank you for the update. We also had a purge after our first year of starting the church. 75% of our church left. I have found in my 3 years of pastoring/church planting that people don't leave over doctrinal issues. In our case it was incest aoung a family and other things I will not go into.

    God has blessed us since then. Just keep staying strong for the Lord, He will bless you.

  5. On 3/12/2019 at 11:18 AM, Matt Souza said:

    Not saying you are wrong, but it sounds as if you are stating this as fact. I would like to see the numbers. Can you show me stats on this? 

    @robycop3 When you get some time, can you please show me where the stats are. I genuinely know want to know if the majority of jail cells are filled with people coming from large families like you claimed.

    4 hours ago, swathdiver said:

    Is this guy still around?

    I hope so. I've been trying to get Biblical answers myself. lol

  6. I created an Google web app for myself that I have been using for my personal use. I figured I would submit the APK to the Google play store in case anyone else wants to use it. Its nothing fancy, in fact if you use Online Baptist on your phone you will not notice much difference. As of right now there is no push notifications so you will not be bombarded with notifications on your phone. I may add that in the future. 



  7. 10 hours ago, robycop3 said:

    I was quoting from versions that are in OUR style of English.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I definitely don't speak that style of English or any style of English of any translation.  Also, if I picked the Bible based upon my area's style, I would be using the ebonics Bible and it would have no grammatical structure, spelling errors, abbreviations, and not use complete sentences.

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